Jess’s Take - 0.0, How Do You Do?

Hello peoples! Welcome to a new overdue installment of Jess's Take. This is an editorial piece that gives a commentary on what's going on in television and the world of pop culture. Believe me, a recent Friday ratings post has brought some light. 

If you haven't heard lately, I have been increasingly critical of the CW as of late that I have not brought up the entire network on the August TV update for the Pop Culture Cosmos and the PCC Multiverse. Part 1 is available on the PCC Multiverse, and part 2 is on the Monday episode of Pop Culture Cosmos. 

If you haven't seen the ratings for Being Reuben, you would know that a 0.0 has become commonplace. Being Reuben follows young Internet sensation Reuben de Maid who is chasing his dream to become a makeup superstar in the beauty community. But on the CW, it has not caught up. 

On the CW, it currently is averaging a 0.04 A18-49 and around 200,000 viewers. If you haven't heard, Taskmaster was canned after one episode after posting a heavily rounded 0.1 in the demo (a 0.05 to be exact) and 212,000 viewers. So my question is, why is the CW going through the trouble of running a show posting 0.0s regularly? The jury is still out on that.

Will the CW post 0.0 in the future for the fall season regularly? Too soon to tell. But this does not look good for CW Friday. 

What do you think about this installment? Let me know in the comments below! 

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