1981-82 Sitcom Scorecard -- The Tide Changes as CBS Revivives and ABC Ages

Written Bringing History to TVRG by Bridger Cunningham

Behold a rare treasure trove as TV Ratings Guide has uncovered partial ratings data from 1981-82 featuring ranks for the entire season.  TVRG continues to uncover historic ratings  and will work throughout the season to uncover data from 1967-73, 1975-77, 1979-81, 1982-83 and 2008-09.

Related imageThis season found CBS reclaiming its trophy after losing its stranglehold in 1976 and ABC's late 70's treasures faded.  The Jeffersons, Alice and MASH continued to rule after lengthy runs, and One Day at a Time endured timeslot and casting changes with successful results.  ABC lost three prized players when Taxi, Mork and Mindy and Barney Miller exited the fray in 1982, while NBC exhibited some signs of growth with a successful trifecta with The Facts of Life, Diff'rent Strokes and emerging Gimme a Break!


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