American Housewife Season 2 Premiere Review

I reviewed American Housewife during part of its first season, and I will continue to review it this season. It was one of my favorite new shows during the 2016-17 season, and I am so excited for it to return for season two. I've missed the Ottos and their misadventures over the Summer, and it's refreshing to have this crazy family back on my TV.

The episode begins with Katie getting ready to take the kids to school. The kids keep asking her for things, and they're driving her CRAZY. Anna-Kat wants a dog, Taylor needs help with driving, and Oliver needs something for ballet. Katie can't find her kids, and she wants the help of Greg and the kids. While they're searching, Taylor tells Katie that she's decided she won't be going to college. Greg doesn't want Taylor to drive, but Katie really wants her to so she can get some freedom from mothering. Anna-Kat finds the keys, and they were just on the hook (y'know, where they belong). Katie is trying to coax Anna-Ket into picking a club, but Anna-Kat makes her do some volunteering at school. So Katie heads to school to sign up for volunteering, and the ladies don't want anything to do with her. They also kick Greg off the recycling committee, and Katie storms out. When Greg learns that he's been kicked off, he's upset. Then, Oliver shows up to freak out about not being picked by his teacher to dance. Then, when Anna-Kat learns that Katie won't be volunteering, she gets excited that she won't have to join a club. Katie's plan is falling apart.

Katie is now at lunch with the ladies, and she needs them to help figure out a way to get the school moms to allow Katie to volunteer. Doris decides that Katie needs to make a video to apologize, and Doris writes the script. Katie hates what Doris has written, so she decides to improvise. Doris is not pleased. Greg is helping Taylor with driving practice, but he has an agenda. He tries to convince Taylor to go to college, but he gets distracted and hits a warning sign in the road. Doris is showing Katie the video that she posted, and it's awful. Katie hates it. The doorbell rings, and one of the moms, Suzanne, shows up. Suzanne tells her that Katie's the problem, not the moms in the group. Katie looks visually upset by this, so maybe she'll change her ways?

Katie's talking Greg's ear off, complaining about what Suzanne said to her. She quickly changes the topic to Taylor driving, and Greg wants to talk about college. The next day, Greg and Taylor are back at it, and he's still trying to convince her to drive. Once again, he gets distracted, and he runs over some spikes on the ground, ruining the car's tires. At ballet, the teacher isn't pleased with Oliver's dancing. Katie witnesses everything, and decides she's going to talk to him, even though him staying in ballet will ruin her plan. Katie goes over to the teacher, and the teacher is being a real idiot to Katie, and Katie's not happy. The teacher gets pushy, and tries to physically remove Katie from the building. They get in a fight, and then they actually end up coming to an understanding. The teacher admits that Oliver does have potential, and that she judged him because he's from Westport. She apologizes, and this gives Katie an idea. Katie heads back to school and apologizes to the moms. She admits that she's the problem. She doesn't do a great job. And then she offers to give back the diaper bag. They aren't impressed. And so, she makes the ultimate sacrifice. She offers to chair the spring gala. They gladly accept, and Greg is allowed to be on the recycling committee. Back at home, Katie and Greg storm into Taylor's room and threaten her with boarding school in order to get her to do her work. Then, Katie tells Anna-Kat that she volunteered, and that Anna-Kat needs to sign up for a club. Then, the go to Oliver's room, and he's practicing for the recital, which he's allowed to be in. He thanks her for sticking up for him, and they hug.

I loved this premiere! I especially loved the character development in Katie and Oliver. Katie actually  treated the PTA Moms decently (albeit for just a minute), and Oliver was actually the good kid this week! It was nice for a switch-up, and I loved seeing Oliver not be a little brat. Greg and Taylor's story wasn't really that entertaining, but I loved the recycling committee jokes throughout. Anna-Kat was underutilized tonight, but that's a minor quibble as she still did get some airtime. Also, that Katie-Oliver hug was super sweet and adorable.
My Score: 9/10
My Grade: A-

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