Get Shorty S1E6 Review

When worlds collide, am I right?


S1E6 'Epinephrine'

In this episode, Miles goes into panic mode when Amara and her crew come to LA while his family are in town at the same time, Rick becomes Amara's tour guide, and Louis tries to get paid for his "contribution" to the movie. Meanwhile, Yago tries to get information from a wounded enemy.

I felt a lot of Déjà vu when Amara started to mess around with the casting of the movie which makes me think that for a mob boss, Amara sometimes feels pretty childish. Trying to stop Katie from seeing Amara could have been stretched out until the season finale but I'm glad Miles told Katie in this episode itself since that premise could have gotten old very quickly. Lastly, Poor Louis doesn't seem to get as much love as he deserves,but at least now he's got himself a romantic interest so that's nice

Quote of the week: "It's fine. I'll have to burn the place to the ground but it's fine"

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