Summer Renew/Cancel, Week 18: It's Been Fun, but Summer Must Come to an End (Final Predictions)

Welcome to the final Summer Renew/Cancel of the Summer 2017 season! It's time for my absolute, 100% final calls on all of the remaining shows, and as promised last week, I'll be using percentages as well for this post.

Certain to be Canceled:
Somewhere Between (0.4)
Zoo (0.5)
Salvation (0.5)

Likely to be Canceled:

Leans Cancellation:
The Night Shift (0.7)
Midnight, Texas (0.7)

Leans Renewal:

Likely to be Renewed:
Marlon (1.1)

Certain to be Renewed:
SNL Weekend Update Thursday (1.2)

Fate Determined:
Still Star-Crossed (0.3, CANCELED, correct)
Downward Dog (0.7, CANCELED, correct)
The Carmichael Show (0.8, CANCELED, correct)
Hooten & the Lady (0.2, CANCELED, correct)

Yet to Premiere:

Marlon: This show has clearly benefitted from a strong lead-in, as evidenced by its consistent half-hour drops, but it's doing well nonetheless. Great News and Trial & Error were both influenced by their Voice lead-in, did terribly, and got renewed anyway. Great News got the best fall slot available to an NBC comedy. Trial & Error wasn't even owned by the network. Marlon should have no trouble. 80% chance of renewal

Midnight, Texas: I've had this show as a renewal all season long, but I've nearly always been hesitant on it. I've never been confident, because it's had some really good upticks and some really ugly downticks, going from 0.9 to 0.7 in a just a week. I kept it as a renewal then, but its recent 0.6s have me doubting it. The 0.8 for its finale is a good sign, but I'm still not sold. 49% chance of renewal

The Night Shift: This show has had really bad datapoints this season, going as low as 0.5 this year. However, it's also done some decent numbers. Based on numbers alone, it should be done, but with Sony behind it, it has a real shot. It's definitely one of the trickier shows this season. 45% of renewal

Salvation: Of two new shows this season for CBS, this show did a bit less awfully, but it still ldid terrible. It had a rough start and got uglier from there, and I was prompted to downgrade it when it got a 0.4 directly out of Big Brother. CBS's decision should be an easy one. 10% chance of renewal

SNL Weekend Update Thursday: With a 1.2 average, this was the #1 scripted show of the Summer season, despite consistent preemptions during all three weeks. It never even aired in Philadelphia, one of the country's largest cities. Especially considering that it's a direct tie-in to one of the network's most acclaimed, longest-running, and highest-rated shows, there's absolutely no reason for this not come back next year. 100% chance of renewal

Somewhere Between: This show has done horribly for its entire run, and ABC barely promoted it, showing they don't even care about it. It even got a timeslot downgrade. This thing is dead. 0% chance of renewal

Zoo: One of the longest-running Summer shows this year, Zoo absolutely flopped when placed behind Big Brother. It's fallen to a 0.4 multiple times, and it's down 30%. And it would likely be down just as much next season. CBS really doesn't need this. Still there's a (very) outside chance it could come back. 10% chance of renewal

Thanks to everyone for reading this and all of my other Renew/Cancels this Summer. I'll be back again next season for more. What do you think of my odds? What are your odds? Let me know in the comments.

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