FOX Renew/Cancel: The Orville Starts in Renewal Territory + The Verdict On The Animated Trio

Welcome to the first edition the 2017-18 season's FOX Renew/Cancel column! Only one show has premiered so far, but what better time to make predictions than now?

Why Is The Orville A Likely Renewal?
While The Orville could completely crash on Thursdays, its premiere held well in half-hours and certainly could have done worse. Plus, it has Seth MacFarlane behind and in front of the cameras, a person who has brought many successful shows to the network.

What Is Bob's Burgers And Family Guy Doing Here?
Animated shows need to be renewed early to get back on the schedule in the following fall. Two years ago, Bob's Burgers was renewed for two seasons after airing just one episode. Given its hold last season and massive success in syndication, there's not much of a reason to believe it will get canceled. At this point, Family Guy seems to have tenure in that it'll be on the air until Seth MacFarlane wants to end it, barring of course a complete ratings collapse.

What do you think of these predictions? Let us know in the comments below!

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