Modern Family Season 9 Premiere Review

The family is taking a vacation on a houseboat in this season premiere of Modern Family.

S9E1 "Lake Life"

After reading about the death of a competitor of his and all the nice things people had to say about him, Jay decides to be nice to all of his family members. He has a hilarious line when helping Phil put sunscreen on his back: "Never forget how this strong father-in-law hands gave you pleasure." However, I think that Jay really started to behave like a child at the end.

The four now-young adults go after a person on a jetski after she or he gets the attention of Haley and Luke and they end up stranded. Alex is irritated by Ben, and it's fairly entertaining when Luke and Haley identify why she is getting annoyed by him. It's also kind of funny when Ben shows up to rescue them, and they leave him behind.

The remaining stories in the episode were Phil and Claire worried about being old, Mitch seeing someone he kissed when he was younger, and Cam staying out of the sun. Phil and Claire were moderately entertaining, though their story wasn't all that original and they didn't do anything very interesting with it. Mitch had some good moments, though I wish his story was given more places to go. Cam was easily the worst part of the episode. Nothing he did was funny, and it mostly just made me groan.

Most of the episode was neither that great or that bad. It was somewhat entertaining, but rarely all that funny. Cam (and Gloria I guess, though she did almost nothing) definitely was the weakest part of the entire episode.

Score: 6/10

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