Will & Grace Season 9 Premiere Review

Will & Grace returned tonight after more than a decade off the air, and like so many other people, I'm thrilled. I will admit that I haven't actually seen all eight previous seasons of the show, and I haven't been a fan for very long, but I'm still very excited.

The episode begins with the Core 4 playing Heads Up, but Jack and Karen are not even remotely thrilled. Karen's asleep, but she wakes up when Jack shakes some pills and Karen tells everyone that she had a crazy dream. She tells everyone what happened in the dream. Will and Grace were married and had kids, and they lived together. They never had kids, but they were married (they both got divorced) and they are living together (but not if you ask Grace). Later on, Will is writing a letter to a Congressman, but Grace is starting to feel like she isn't "woke." Karen is gloating about the election, but Grace is beyond sick of it. Then Jack bursts in, and he knows Will is interested in a guy. As it turns out, he wasn't writing the congressman because of politics, he was flirting. Jack tries to help Will, so he finds out when the Congressman has a speaking engagement. He books a train for Will to go, and now they're all set.

Grace arrives at work, and she asks one of the workers, Tony, if Karen offends him. He avoids the question, but ultimately tells Grace he doesn't offend her. Grace wants to talk to Karen about keeping politics out of work. Then, Karen tells Grace that she has a new job for her: redecorating the Oval Office. Karen talked directly with Melania, and got the job. Grace acts like she doesn't want the job, but then she accepts. In DC, the guys are at the Congressman's speaking engagement, right by the Oval Office. The Congressman arrives, and he meets Will. Grace and Karen are in the Oval Office, and Grace is amazed at how many great minds have worked in the room. They're ready to start, and Grace needs to make sure the curtains work with his coloring, so she pulls out some Cheetos. The Congressman asks a tour guide to give Will a tour of the West Wing, and she agrees because they don't have rules anymore. Grace notices the event outside, and knows that Congressman Sandoval was there that day. And then she sees Will talking to him. And then Will sees Grace, and he runs. Jack is talking with the Secret Service agent that he knew, and he tells him about all of his failed businesses (but he avoids all talk of "Just Jack!"). When the tour guide brings Will to the Oval Office, he sees Grace, who is infuriated. They keep repeating each other, and they get in a fight over what the other is doing. Will compares Grace to Mrs. Peacock from Clue (I love this reference so much! Clue is super underrated.). Grace thinks Will is acting superior. Will tells Grace she should move out if she's so unhappy and calls her crazy. So she starts a pillow fight. They make a mess of the Oval Office, because of course they do.

Jack is still talking to Lenny the Secret Service guy, when Karen comes out. When Lenny tries to catch up with Karen, he gets called to the Oval Office. Back in New York, Grace is getting ready to leave. Will and Grace both confess that they didn't tell the other about what they did because they didn't want the other to think less of them. Will tells Grace she should stay, for as long as she wants, and when he picks up her suitcase to move her back into her room, it's empty. She was never planning on moving out.

This was a great episode! They've definitely still got it, even 10 years later. The cast still has the same amazing chemistry that they've always had, and they're just as funny as before. It really was great to see them all in modern times, tackling issues in current times. Everyone was great in this episode, and I'm excited to see what they'll tackle next. So far, this is easily my favorite new show of the season, even though it's not really new.
My Score: 9.5/10
My Grade: A

You already know how I felt about the revival premiere, but what did you think? Let me know in the comments below and vote in the poll below!

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