Speechless Season 2 Premiere Review

Speechless was one of last year's best new comedies, and now it's back for another season.


With J.J. at camp, the rest of the DiMeos decide to stop using his disability as an excuse. In a funny twist, Maya, Jimmy, and Dylan gets their acts together, and Ray is left with no purpose. J.J. returns, and the family dynamic has changed, and it doesn't just feel weird to J.J. There are some good moments with the DiMeos like this, but the show really starts feeling fun again and like itself when Maya finds the love note written to J.J, and decides that the family will track down the girl.

There's a great moment where J.J. expresses doubt about this big chase that they are going on, and Maya reassures him that she likes who they are, and they are who they are because of him. It happens quickly, but the family ends up finding the girl at a gas station they end up at, and J.J. gets to kiss her. At the end of the episode, the family visits the Grand Canyon, but at night, making it a compromise between the old DiMeos and the new DiMeos, and a fitting ending to the episode.

Maya was definitely the highlight this week, especially in the scenes where they were the "new DiMeos." My favorite interaction in this part of the episode:"This is my life." "Yes, may I have it?" She also had a great line when the family showed up at the gas station and she was frustrated about the lack of a ramp: "When are we going to get screwed by something that sounds expensive?"

Maya was really the only family member that gave us laugh-out-loud moments this week. The rest of them were entertaining, but not as much as they usually are.

Score: 7/10

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