Hopes for The Middle Season 9

The final season of The Middle will be premiering soon. I will review this season like I have with the last two. This article will talk about what hopes I have for this last season of The Middle.

No rushing things
There is one thing in particular that I am worried that The Middle will rush as it heads towards it conclusion, and that is Sue and Sean Donahue. With only twenty-four episodes left of the series, if the creators decide that they want these two to end up together, they are going to have to work carefully to ensure that this story doesn't feel rushed. Any other areas where the characters aren't all that close to where the creators want them to end will have to be handled carefully as well.

Celebrating the holidays, one last time
This is The Middle's last chance to celebrate all of the holidays that the show usually does. Hopefully none will be left out, since this is the last chance for those, and they are almost always strong episodes. Let's get one more Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's, and Mother's Day and let's make them good!

A great 200th
Back in season 5, The Middle celebrated its 100th episode, and they did a great job of it, with an episode that focused on Orson's 100th anniversary and an appearance from Frankie's old boss, Don Elhert. This year, The Middle will reach 200, and hopefully the show does a great job again with celebrating a landmark episode.

Many appearances from the earlier recurring characters
As the show has gone on, some characters that appeared often in the earlier seasons don't really appear on the show anymore (for example, Frankie's former co-worker Bob and boss Elhert from when she worked at the dealership). Hopefully, the show can bring as many of those characters back as possible (and Weird Ashley showing up this season is a must).

A satisfying finale
When The Middle's nine-year run comes to an end this spring, we need to get an indication of where the characters, particularly the three kids, are going in life. The show can give us flash-forwards to show us, like Parks and Recreation did, Frankie's narration could tell us, or the characters can make decisions that show where they are going in life that we feel confident will happen.

The final season of The Middle premieres on Tuesday, October 3rd at 8:00 on ABC.

What are your hopes for the final season of The Middle? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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