Hopes for Superstore Season 3

The third season of Superstore is almost here. I reviewed the first two seasons, and will continue to review the show in its third. This article will talk about what I am hoping for in the third season of Superstore.

Amy and Jonah figuring out their feelings
Everyone knew it was coming, and in the season two finale, Amy and Jonah kissed. Where they go from here is complicated, Amy has a husband and a kid. Over the course of this season, I would like the two of them to figure out what it is that they want.

Dina being the right amount crazy
Dina was originally one of my favorite characters in Superstore. At times, she still is. However, she is sometimes over-the-top, for example, at Cheyenne's wedding, which makes her significantly less enjoyable. Hopefully this season the writers will figure out the right balance to keep Dina weird and wonderful.

More Garrett and Dina
The unexpected pairing in season two that don't want to admit that they have feelings for each other should be an important part of season three's story. I hope that they will eventually try a relationship, as I think it would be very entertaining to see how a relationship between these two would work.

A lot of Sandra
In addition to its main cast, Superstore also has some great recurring characters. My favorite is Sandra, who no one is very nice to and is always blamed for things. She is especially hilarious with Dina. I also very much enjoyed Sandra having a romantic interest in a couple of episodes in season two. I want a lot of Sandra in season three, because I think she is a really enjoyable character.

The third season of Superstore premieres on Thursday, September 28th at 8:00 on NBC.

What are your hopes for the third season of Superstore? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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