Get Shorty S1E5 Review

Of all the cameos they could have made, they brought in a kid from 'The Thundermans'?


S1E5 'A Man of Letters'

In this episode, Miles' family comes to LA, Rick meets with his son in rehab to get close to an actor they want for the movie, Louis meets with the new writer of The Admiral's mistress and Amara's local gang war comes to an end.

Once again, Louis is the highlight of the episode. At some point, I know I'm gonna end up writing a letter of admiration dedicated to him. I was kinda hoping Yago would die in this episode. The part where he had dinner with Amara convinced me that he was gonna get screwed by her but ultimately that was not the case. It was good to see Emma finally get some focus and we got to see Miles be tough dad for her. The one thing that I found weird was that Miles and Katie became closer. I like them together but Katie's boyfriend needs to be properly handled before they get back together.

Rick using his son felt kinda disgusting but then again I watch Better Call Saul so this level of sleaziness didn't really faze me. In a way, Rick is similar to Saul. They're both played by great comedians, both the characters have family issues and both of them have a bad@ss friend.

Quote of the week: "This place called the Bel Air Lounge. I hear the new chef has his own TV show so even if the place is shite at least it's famous."

[Disclaimer: I have nothing against 'The Thundermans'. I just found it surprising since 'Get Shorty' and 'The Thundermans' don't share the same audience]

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