Better Things Season 2 Episode 3 Review

This has been a very good season of Better Things so far, with a very funny season premiere and a more dramatic but still very good second episode. Let's see if they can keep the ball rolling with episode three.

Sam is lying in bed, thinking about her recent night out. During said night out, she meets a man named Robin who begins talking to her about kids, parenting, and relationships. While she's thinking about Robin and their conversation, her kids come in to interrupt her. Max wants to spend time together, while Frankie is pestering her about the minivan. She pretty much ignores them and keeps thinking about Robin and her night with him. Later, Sam and Max are waiting so that Max can get a license, but Max really wants to leave. Sam gets a call from Robin she was thinking about earlier, and he asks her to go to go away with him for a weekend, and she doesn't seem convinced at first. While Sam's distracted, Max walks out of the DMV and she calls Sam, interrupting her phone call. Sam is not pleased. She tells Robin that she'll think about going, and that she likes how he went about asking her. Now, she has to deal with Max. She drags her back in, and doesn't give her much of a choice in the matter.

Sam is at a restaurant with her friends Joy and Tessa, and she isn't acting quite right. As soon as the meal is finished, she calls Robin up and tells him she'd like to go with him. Back at home, Sam is packing for her trip. Frankie wants to know what she's doing, and Max is worried that she's fat. Sam plans on leaving the kids with Susie, but they both hate that idea. Max wants to watch the house and the others. Frankie doesn't like either option, but Sam really doesn't care. She allows Max to stay home alone with the girls, and she starts to leave. The girls chase after her, but she walks out, proclaiming that she doesn't care. She speeds away, away from the girls, Phil, and her home. Something tells me she really wants to go on this trip.

At the winery, she talks to Robin about the murder shows she loves so much (only real murders, none of that Law & Order crap). Robin starts taking about real issues, like how his daughter's mom left him and their daughter behind. Sam and Robin have a lot of fun doing various things as shown in a montage. They have a wine tasting, and she asks where they'll be staying. He says it's a surprise, but she replies by saying that she hates surprises. She asks him again, and tells him that she wants to know where they're staying so she can book a room for herself. When she asks how many rooms were booked, he says that he only booked the one room and gets a little defensive. This really get awkward, and Robin gets pretty annoyed that his surprise has been ruined. He finally tells her where they're staying, and he walks off to the bathroom. Sam is left by herself, and she's clearly really uncomfortable with what just went down.

Sam and Robin are driving to get food, and she talks a lot while he stays silent. Then she puts some music on. It's really awkward, because he says nothing the whole time. Nothing at all. At the restaurant, Sam talks a lot about the decor and she rambles on for awhile, and Robin finally says something. He apologizes profusely for the hotel incident, and she tries to make him feel a bit better but he won't stop apologizing. He asks that she hangs in with him for awhile, and to not dump him. Then, she says something super heartfelt. He really has to pee. But she also says that when she gets back from the bathroom, they're going to start over.

This was another entertaining episode, but it was another one that was far more dramatic than it was funny. The scene where Sam walked out of the house with the girls chasing her was probably the funniest part of the episode. I still really liked the episode, but I would have liked a bit more comedy mixed in. I also (once again) really missed Duke and Phil, because I just love them and we've barely even seen them this season. Maybe next week? Pretty please?
My Score: 8.5/10
My Grade: B+

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