Better Things Season 2 Episode 2 Review

Better Things returned last week in all its glory with a fantastic premiere episode, and it's back again this week for a story that will almost certainly be great as well.

The episode begins with Sam at her boyfriend's house after sex, and he asks her if he "satisfied" her. He didn't, but she doesn't explicitly say it. They have to rush off to an event, and on they way, they get in an argument over sex. She kinda implies that sex with him is like a chore, which he's not happy about. They get to the event, and they start talking with a couple. The couple asks them to go to their rental house, and Sam says they aren't a "thing". This angers him, and when he gets his car from the valet, he tells Sam goodnight. Sam's confused, as he's her ride. He explains that since they aren't a thing, he won't be giving her a ride home, especially with the way she's treated him recently. She thinks he's being too demanding, and it's pretty clear where this is all heading. She flips out on him because of the way he's acting, and he finally drives off.

Now, Sam is driving with Duke in the car and they start talking about Phil. Duke asks if Phil is going to die soon, and Sam responds by saying that Phil will "bury (them) all", and that she'll "never die." Sam drops Duke off at Sorrow's house, and Jeff is talking to Sam about how everything's weird right now because of Sunny, and she tells him how he needs to get his $#!t together, but he doubts that that'll happen.

Sam arrives at the airport to go on a trip with some of her friends and Frankie's having a crisis. The person she's staying with doesn't have internet in the house and they'll be fasting, so they won't be feeding her. She wants to stay at her own house, but Sam won't allow it. One of Sam's other friends takes the phone and tells Frankie not to call this weekend, and she hangs up. Then, when the plane shakes, Macy freaks out and gets off the plane.

At Sunny's boyfriend Mark's house, Sam is commenting on how rich Mark is. The house is huge (it even has a name!) and he flew them out on a private jet. He's super "down to Earth", as Sam would put it. They meet Mark, and he asks them to come in and he introduces Sam to someone. When she sees the guy, she walks away and asks the golf cart driver Sanjay to take her anywhere, "just not here." He drives her all the way to a beachside motel, and she goes into one of the motel rooms, and then walks out to see a nice view of the beach. Then she gets in a car and picks up her kids and takes them to the beach, where she sits in a chair and watches them. And then we find out that she never actually picked up her kids, she was just imagining it all.

This was a good episode, but it was a step down from last week's. It wasn't as funny as the preceding episode, and I really missed Phil in this episode. Even just a little of Phil would have been nice. I need more Phil! And heck, more of the kids would've been nice too, especially Max, who was barely even there after having an entire episode devoted to her relationship last week. However, despite not being funny, the beach scene at the end was really great.

My Score: 8.5/10
My Grade: B+

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