American Horror Story: Cult Episode 2 Review

The premiere of American Horror Story: Cult felt like a true return to form for the series. After two disappointing seasons, I finally felt passionate again about the show I once loved so much. I was expecting to be disappointed after watching it, but I left jubilant. The show was good again. And I couldn't be happier about it.

Episode two begins where the premiere left off, with Ally dreaming after seeing a clown in bed. She runs to Ivy, who heads upstairs with a knife. And then she sees, you guessed it, nothing. Not a clown in sight. Not in a train, not in a plane, not in a box, not wearing socks. Ally starts breaking down because she doesn't know what's real anymore, and she starts thinking something's wrong with her. Later on, Twisty appears in Oz's room, and he starts freaking out. And then more appear. And he hides in the shower. Great hiding place. The clown break the glass on the door and Oz starts calling for his moms. And then we discover that it was just a nightmare. This opening scene was better than last week's, and I hope the episode can somehow also be better.

We now see on the news that Kai's "attackers" are in prison for attacking the super-innocent and not-at-all to blame Kai. Kai also announces his campaign for the vacant seat left by Councilman Chang's murder. I'm sure that Kai's really broken up about that murder, he surely seems it. Across the street from Ally and Ivy's house, Harrison and Meadow (who conveniently were the ones that filmed Kai's beating) are moving in. Ally heads over to the house to snoop, but Harrison sees her because of course he would! It's the middle of the freaking day! At the restaurant, a fight begins between Pedro and Roger, and Ally breaks it up, and refuses to fire Pedro. At the Mayfair-Richards home, Winter (who somehow was not fired) got a Twisty figurine for Oz, which I'm sure will serve an actual purpose later. Winter and Oz also talk about the freaky clown murder they witnessed, and we also learn that he's afraid of the house across the street. That's probably because the clown murders. Then, when the ladies get home, we discover that Winter took Oz over to meet the new neighbors and also that she left him there alone. She's totally getting fired, right? Anyways, Harrison and Meadow are beekeepers and they're showing Oz their bees. When Ally sees the hives, she has a really weird reaction which Meadow notices. It's just brushed off, but there's a deeper meaning to this and I think we'll find out what it is soon. Ally and Ivy also learn that the Changs were renters and that the Wiltons called the owners to buy the home right after they heard about the murders on the news. Which is super f***ing creepy! Ally get out of there! This is a really great segment, and I'm super excited that Billy Eichner has joined the cast so soon. The Wiltons seem really... eccentric, and I'm very intrigued by them. There's definitely more to them than meets the eye.

Meadow tells the Mayfair-Richardses about how she had skin cancer and that Harrison is gay and they had a marriage pact and zzzzzz. Gee, this girl can talk. Ally then makes a convenient excuse to leave, and they dash out of the house. Late that night, Ally voices her suspicions about the Wiltons, because they're weird as all hell and there's obviously something up with them. Then, Ivy gets a message and has to go to the restaurant because something tripped the security alarm. Ally volunteers herself as tribute, but when she gets there, nothing seems to be off. Of course, this is AHS-land and something is obviously wrong. Ally enters the passcode but then hears something in the back. She goes back alone for some reason, and she finds Roger hanging there, dead. This is another interesting segment, and I loved the scene at the restaurant. It was so creepy and the reveal of what set off the alarm was really great. I was totally expecting it to be more clowns and I was pleasantly surprised. Also, what are the odds that Pedro's getting blamed for it? Like 99.9%?

At the house, Dr. Vincent just happened to have been in the neighborhood, but Ally knows better. He tells Ally that he knows about the restaurant murder. Ally then says to him that she was the one who killed Roger, because he was still alive when she got there and she failed to save him. She's also really upset that the murder was pinned on Pedro, which was so obviously going to happen, and that the Detective doesn't buy Ally and Ivy's claims that Pedro is innocent. Ally tells Dr. Vincent that she got a gun from Tweedleprobablycrazy and Tweedlemaybeawhacko, and Dr. Vincent is not pleased. He thinks she should reconsider and also tell Ivy about it. Based on her reaction to this, I'm a little worried for Ally, and I think something really bad is going to happen. She's losing her mind. After Dr. Vincent and Ivy leave,  there's a knock at the door. It's Kai, and Ally recognizes him from throwing a latte at her. She's understandably hostile, and she freaking should be. He's an idiot. He wants to come in to speak about her ideas, and she won't let him in. He spouts some false statement, and Ally is getting annoyed. Kai is getting annoyed in return, and he's trying to get her riled up. At the restaurant, Pedro is getting upset because the police came to his house to question him. At the house, Ally and Winter have a really weird moment and Winter tries to kiss Ally but it's stopped by the sound of an alarm. The power goes off and a clown appears in Oz's room, and Oz asks if this is real or if he's dreaming. The clown says that he's asleep, but that clown's a filthy liar. This is another segment I really loved, and I'm super pumped for more Ally-Kai interactions, because that was a lot of fun to watch. Also, that bath was creepy Winter. Really creepy. Then again, everything Winter does is creepy.

Ally and Winter are looking for candles because of the blackout when Harrison knocks at the door (shouting 'lesbians, we're under attack', because who doesn't try and get someone's attention that way) and tells them that eight entire freaking states lost power and that it has to be terrorism. He tells them to keep their doors locked and stay inside, and gives them candles. Ally begs Winter not to go, but Winter goes anyway, and Ally locks the door after she leaves. Ally calls Ivy, who tries to calm Ally. Before much can be said, Ally's phone dies. Ivy tells Pedro to go to take some things to Ally. Ally is freaking out, and then she sees the clown ice cream truck pull up. Ally tries to secure the house, and tries to put on the alarm, but she sees that all of the wires have been cut. And then some clowns appear. Ally gets her gun and wakes Oz. She tells him that they're going to have to run to the neighbor's home, but before they can, she gets scared by Pedro's arrival and shoots him. Oh, Ally, what have you done???

I loved this episode so much. These characters are all really interesting, and I'm just loving this season. It's so good, and I really hope that the rest of the season will be just as good. While I miss Jessica Lange more than words can possibly describe, Sarah Paulson is doing a fantastic job headlining this season. I'm also loving Billie Lord as the creepy-as-heck Winter, and Billy Eichner was so fun this episode. That "lesbians" line was so weirdly funny, despite the horrible things that we all knew were about to come minutes later. And as Ally would say, the world is f***ed up. Ain't that the truth?

Score: 10/10
Grade: A+

You guys already know that I loved the episode, but what did you guys think? Let me know your thoughts on the episode, plus any theories you may have, in the comments below!

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