Hopes for Modern Family Season 9

The ninth season of Modern Family is on its way. I have reviewed the series here over the last two seasons, and will continue to with this upcoming season. This article will talk about what I am hoping for in this next season of Modern Family.

A mature relationship for Haley
I was very disappointed with season 8, and mostly that was because it had a lot of episodes where the stories didn't work very well, sometimes things got a bit too ridiculous, and some episodes kind of forgot to be funny. But there was also one story-related aspect where the season screwed up, and that was with Haley. Prior to the season, she was in a relationship with Andy, and through that relationship, Haley really grew up. The writers, however, broke off that relationship (probably due to Adam DeVine's schedule), and gave Haley a new relationship in season 8, one which really felt like a step backwards for her. In season 9, I would like either Haley to get back together with Andy (who seems to me like the person she should end up with), or for her to embark on another relationship that is mature, and not ridiculous like the one with Rainer. At the very least, have Haley focus on advancing herself in other ways, and keep her out of silly relationships.

Keeping the college kids involved
To me, the biggest mess in Modern Family's history is when they sent Haley off to college, realized they didn't know what to do with her or how to keep her involved with the show, and as a result, got her kicked out of college. The show has gotten better about that since then, keeping Alex in the picture more while in college by having her visit home and having her family members visit her. However, the kids in general haven't been as involved in the show as they really should be. Hopefully this season keeps Alex and Manny involved, keeping them from missing too many episodes, and giving them stories that allow them to interact with other family members.

Character development for Luke
Luke is growing up, as the show occasionally reminds us, even though often he behaves similarly to how he did when he was younger, and sometimes dumber. Now that Luke is out of high school, this season should be key for his character development. Hopefully the show doesn't drop the ball on this as it did for Haley in season 4. Allow Luke to discover himself and grow up! This goes for all of the kids in the show really, but Luke in particular is important at the moment.

Less Mitch and Cam bickering
This has always been somewhat of a problem for the show, though it seems to have gotten stronger after the initial seasons. Mitch and Cam seem to bicker more than the other two married couples on the show, and it is getting to me. It would be nice to see them on the same side of things more often, instead of having them work against each other until the resolution in the end of the episode. The show should of course continue to have episodes like this, but there should be less of them.

The ninth season of Modern Family premieres on Wednesday, September 27th at 9:00 on ABC.

What are you hoping for in the ninth season of Modern Family? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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