Get Shorty S1E7 Review

After watching this episode, I would really love to sit at a table read. It appears to be a very lively part of the filmmaking process.


S1E7 'Grace under pressure'

In this episode, Miles uses his shady methods to get the movie's oversized budget approved, the crew have a table read for the film, Rick continues to hang out with Amara, Yago starts dealing drugs in Hollywood, Katie tries to separate Miles from Amara by dealing with her directly and Louis goes on a date with Rick's assistant.

For one, I liked the way the conversation between Amara and Katie took place, especially considering how Katie is just the wife of one of Amara's underlings. Knowing that Katie really cares about Miles enough to deal with Amara has improved my impression of her.

 I know I haven't really said anything about the original writer's roommate Nathan so far but seeing how he has become a lead in the movie, it's time to address his presence. While I found him a little too dumb (his stupidity is constantly mentioned in the episode) I found the scenes with him and his parents to be humorous. Though I must admit even I agreed with the other characters on his performance at the table read. He was really good at that part.

Dean Norris feels like he's everywhere these days so it really wasn't a surprise for me when he showed up. His story with Miles felt very short and simple which was just OK for me. In the end, he was just a small obstacle in Miles' path to success

Lastly, I feel bad for Louis again. After the (mostly) positive response from the table read, his date with Gladys turned out to be real awkward. I don't know what's gonna happen with them now but their sad little date has left me wanting to know what happens next.

Quote of the week: "It always ends really well for child stars, right?"

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