Superstore Season 3 Premiere Review

After being destroyed by a tornado, Cloud 9 is opening up again in the third season premiere.

S3E1 "Grand Re-Opening"

With their kiss in the season finale, Amy and Jonah are really awkward around each other. They avoid talking about it as much as possible by avoiding being around each other. When Jonah asks Amy if they aren't friends anymore, it's a great scene. They can't undo the kiss, and it will have a lasting impact on them and their relationship. Amy ends up revealing that she is getting divorced, which is big. I'm really interested in seeing how this moves forward. I wish we got more this week though.

An unclear email causes the employees to start getting the store ready on the day of the grand opening. This is funny, especially when Glenn, Dina, and Amy argue about the clarity of the email. Glenn finds out how his voice sounds, and it's hilarious when he tries to show Amy and Jonah how his voice sounds to him. Glenn ends up having to talk when the store isn't ready, which is funny, especially when he tries to get Howie Mandel to perform, but it turns out he was just scheduled to make an appearance.

The smaller stories this week, which were Mateo trying to figure out if Jeff got and understood his voicemail, and Garrett doesn't want to let Jonah live with him, but ends up feeling so bad that he does, weren't very interesting, aside from some small funny moments. The funniest moment this week for me was when Cheyenne couldn't understand the idea of prioritizing.

The bigger stories this week worked well, but the smaller ones felt largely unnecessary. I really wish we got more from Amy and Jonah though this week, and I'm worried the show will drag this out for too long.

Score: 8.5/10

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