Get Shorty S1E4 Review

Throughout the episode, April seemed really passive aggressive towards Miles and Rick. Now why would she act like that, I wonder.


S1E4 - 'From Stamos With Love'

In this episode, Miles deals with his rising status and his wife, Rick pulls a stunt from the original 'Get Shorty' film and Amara decides to get back at Miles after he tries to push her out of the movie.

I can't say the show has improved much but I will say that the quality has been retained from the last episode so that's good. Once again,the best part of the episode involved Louis as he meets up with the movie's original writer's girlfriend. Maybe it might be because he also played Johnny on Deadwood, but Louis is now officially my favourite character. I still could not care less about Yago. If he doesn't die by the end of the season, I will be miffed. I was pleasantly surprised to see Peter Stormare show up. I've only seen him on Fargo and The Blacklist but he's done well in all the stuff I've seen him in.

Quote of the week: Mercedes makes a Jeep? Now that's a f**king car!

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