The Simpsons Season 28 Episode 16 Review

Kamp Krustier
Tonight on the Simpsons, Lisa and Bart return home from Kamp traumatized, interrupting Homer and Marge's sex life, which makes Homer a better worker.

The episode starts out with Santa's Little Helper discovering Homer and Marge in the treehouse having sex. The police arrive because of a complaint (from Flanders), and Wiggum has some fun lines in here. We see that the kids are at Kamp Krusty, which is on fire (don't worry, they're fine). The kids return, and are horrified by what they've seen. In order to get out of school, decides to pretend to be scared by the experience, and he sleeps in bed with Homer and Marge. The next night, Homer wants to fool around, but Marge won't because of Bart. He goes to work early, and is pleased by the donuts, hot coffee, and the amount of parking spaces. He reads a manual, and is actually becoming a productive worker.

At night, Bart realizes he really is traumatized and needs help. He pushes Homer out of bed and uses him as a step which is very funny, and runs in to Lisa's room. She wants to wait until morning, and he agrees. He tells her what he remembers, and in turn traumatizes Lisa. She, however, does not want to miss school. In the kitchen, Homer is still productive and has even made Mother's Dat plans, surprising Marge. At work, he's made some suggestions in the suggestion box, with some of them being very funny. An impressed Burn gives him a raise. The kids are all away, so Marge decides it's time to sleep with Homer. Homer does not want to, and Marge is confused and upset. She decides it's time for therapy. At therapy, the therapists blame everything on the kids, telling Homer and Marge to make the kids return to Kamp Krusty. When they get to what used to be Kamp Krusty, it is discovered that the Kamp is now a Klub for adults.

Bart and Lisa are placed in the kids zone, but hate it and escape.  It turns out that Lisa and Bart tries to escape on a canoe, and another kid was with them. They think that the other kid, Charlie, has died. Homer and Marge are sitting by the water, and Marge decides she'd rather have the old Homer. The little men in Homer's head are upset by this. Homer and Marge sleep together. Back at the Klub, the kids report the incident and they find Charlie working at the Klub. It turns out he's a man and also a spy. Bart starts to cry, and Lisa proclaims "Oh my God, it's a miracle.", which is the best line of the entire episode. Bart is now fine. There's a really funny joke about ratings on the bottom of the screen, which I really appreciated.

This was a weaker episode, with all of the plots turning out to be relatively weak. I wish they would have explored the Homer being productive part a bit more, with less emphasis on Bart and Lisa, though that storyline did provide a few laughs.

Episode Score: 7/10
Episode Grade: C+

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