Superior Donuts S1E6 Review

This week, Arthur takes a day off, and Franco tries to prove he can run the shop.

S1E6 "Arthur's Day Off"

At the start of the episode, Arthur and Franco disagree on business when Franco wants to let someone use the bathroom even though he isn't a customer. Randy tries to convince Arthur to take a day off, and he agrees after he yells at girls selling cookies outside the shop. On his day off, Arthur comes into Superior Donuts as a customer. Franco lets Arthur have a free donut, which he tells him he should never do. It's very funny when Arthur plays with him about that. Things go wrong when the homeless man who Arthur lets use the bathroom ends up locking himself in there. Fawz helps Arthur enjoy his day off, trying to convince him to retire. It's pretty funny when Arthur has some issues with Fawz's ideas. Franco tries to solve the bathroom issue, and Maya suggests making the other restroom gender neutral, but hilariously changes her mind after Tush uses it.

Randy tries to convince Arthur to have fun, but when they go bowling he complains about the people there. Randy gets into why Arthur doesn't like taking any days off, which was really some great character development. Randy then helps out Arthur by confiscating a vape pen from someone and giving it to him. Things keep going wrong for Franco, when he allows the girl to sell cookies in the shop, and the donuts he puts out for the needy attracts raccoons. Franco's act of kindness with the girl selling cookies ends up paying off, and they realize that a compromise between both his and Arthur's methods works best. The tag is fairly funny, when the next day Arthur reflects on what he did the previous day while high.

This episode had a solid amount of jokes, and a little bit of nice character development. James and Sweatpants were absent, and Randy didn't get as much to do as I would have liked, but still a great episode.

Score: 9.5/10

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