Speechless S1E17 Review

This week, Maya throws a surprise party for Dylan, as she does every year.


Maya informs Kenneth of how she loves throwing birthday parties, and it is funny when Ray enters with a zinger, and Maya tells him not to do that. However, Dylan informs Maya that she doesn't want a party this year. Maya tries to get Jimmy to make another baby with her because of this, which he hilariously talks her down from by reasoning that Dylan made the decision she did because they are so good at parenting.

Maya throws Dylan a party anyway, and it goes well at first, but then Dylan becomes annoyed about how Maya is giving her attention to one of the girls at the party instead of her. It turns out that Dylan just wanted Maya all to herself for her birthday, because she usually lets J.J. and Ray get most of the attention with their problems.

Jimmy feels awkward about talking to Kenneth, because they have nothing to say. It is hilarious when they both admit these feelings, and try to find something to talk about, first trying babes, and later trying music. They discover that they share an interest in grilling, but then find that they disagree about it. They decide to see whose way is best, and their trash talking ends up becoming their thing.

J.J. and Ray intend to go out shopping together, but when Ray isn't ready to leave when J.J. wants to, J.J. goes alone. Ray goes to find J.J, and the scene in the store where the employee is excited about how Ray doesn't define him by his wheelchair is hilarious. There is also a very funny scene with J.J. where he meets a woman with a dog in the mall.

Ray finds J.J, and it is a great moment when J.J. shares how he wishes that he was supposed to be responsible for Ray, since he is older.  Ray ends up getting the shoes taken from him by someone, and Ray just lets him take them, but J.J. threatens the guy, which is very funny. He then uses the dog from earlier to intimidate him, which was very enjoyable.

Maya and Dylan's story and Ray and J.J.'s story were both great, with many great moments. Jimmy and Kenneth were funny as well, but not as much so. Though I did love the talking about babes scene.

Score: 9.5/10

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