Fresh Off the Boat S3E16 Review

This week, Jessica being a sore loser leads to bigger problems.

S3E16 "Gabby Goose"

Louis, Jessica, Honey, and Marvin are having a game night. They play charades, and Jessica wants to be partners with Honey, not Louis, but Louis insists that they play together. It turns out that Louis is terrible at the game, so Jessica decides to go to bed after one round, which is very funny. Later, Louis and Honey talk, and they agree that Jessica being a bad loser, and it's funny when Louis shares how in his family they don't talk about serious things. Louis talks to Jessica about this, and she is fine until he mentions that he and Honey talked about that.

Jessica is worried about Marvin gossiping about them, and says has to go on the offensive. Louis gets paranoid about what Jessica might be telling people, and makes things worse when he confronts her while she is out walking. Jessica decides that they should invite people over for game night, so that she can show everyone that she can handle losing. At the game night, the other couples get into arguments, and Honey and Marvin's argument has a couple of funny lines.

Eddie is upset about the death of a rapper, so Emery and Evan decide to cheer him up. These attempts are pretty funny, such as Evan's shorts. Eddie's friends decide to try group therapy, and this is fairly entertaining. Evan gets angry that Eddie won't cheer up, which is pretty funny. Eddie reveals why the rapper meant so much to him, and Emery comes up with a solution (a less violent one) to cheer him up.

Nothing outstanding about either story, but both had some good jokes and entertaining moments.

Score: 8/10

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