The Great Indoors S1E6 Review

I'm almost ready to give up on The Great Indoors, and I will after this episode if it isn't good.

S1E6 "Going Deep"

Jack attempts to help Eddie after he gets divorced, which he is not very good at. The millennials attempt to walk the least number of steps, which is a pretty good idea to create humor. It is pretty funny when Clark keeps getting tricked.

Brooke helps Eddie, while Jack makes comments. Brooke discovers that her registry has expired because she has been engaged longer than three years. Mason discovers Clark likes Emma, so he helps him. This story kind of fizzled after being off to a great start.

This episode dealt too much with how insensitive of a person Jack is, pointing out how terrible of a main character he is. Also, it wasted a story with potential. After this week, I am done with The Great Indoors.

Score: 5/10

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