The Middle S8E9 Review

It's time for Christmas episodes of the ABC comedies! This week is the week, and I am excited. And it's all starting with The Middle, which is also sure to continue the interesting story it has been working on this fall, especially since Thanksgiving.

S8E9 "A Very Marry Christmas"

Sue encourages Axl to talk to Frankie and Mike about his big news. Frankie gets very excited when Axl gets home, which is hilarious. Sue tries to get Axl to tell Frankie, but he doesn't. She is very weird later, because she is bad at keeping secrets, which is funny. It is also funny the times when Frankie runs down the hall and bumps Brick.

Frankie finally discovers that Axl got married, and it is completely hilarious when Frankie and Mike chase Axl. Brick reads reasons for annulment, and it is hilarious when they decide that they are going to go with mental instability.

Brick watches three neighbor kids, who really like him, which is surprising. It is then very funny when they keep coming back and wanting to play with him. Brick goes to the library to avoid the kids, and it's funny when he jumps into the snow coming home to avoid the kids.

Mike is surprised and awkward when he receives a Christmas present from Bill, which is hilarious. He is conflicted on what to get Bill to settle this, which is entertaining. Mike is angry about how good of a gift Bill got him, so it is very funny when he pays Bill back for the sunglasses.

This was an excellent episode. All three stories were great, and I thought it was a great idea to have the minor stories end earlier to give time for the conclusion of Axl's story.

Score: 10/10

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