Speechless S1E10 Review

Speechless celebrates Christmas for the first time this year. Let's see how that goes.


Maya is excited for Christmas, as she got everyone great gifts this year. However, the van gets stolen with all of the gifts in it. Maya tries to buy replacement gifts, which is pretty funny. Jimmy tries to get the wheelchair J.J. likes to school using the bus, and it is hilarious when he isn't let on. It is funny when Maya can't find her car in a parking garage, and then sad when she misses Dylan's track meet.

Maya loses faith in people after no one helps her, but then families from the school donate to help replace the van. It was a very classic Christmas ending. But, a twist is put on that when they discover that Maya simply forgot to put the parking brake on, and they have to return their nice, new van.

Ray joins choir because he needs extracurricular for college, and he discovers that he actually loves choir. However, a new, young choir teacher causes a lot of boys in the school to join, including J.J. J.J. hilariously gets the solo using Kenneth's voice. In the end, J.J. realizes it was Ray's moment, and decides to give it back to him. But then, he realizes how attractive the teacher is, which is pretty funny.

The episode did a great job of putting twists on classic Christmas type endings, and it was both funny and sincere.

Score: 10/10

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