Designated Survivor S1E8 Review

This week, Deputy Director of the FBI Jason has to follow through with the orders of those who took his son.

S1E8 "The Results"

Nassar's death is revealed at the start of the episode, which Seth confirms to the press. In addition to having to deal with this reveal, Kirkman has to deal with bio-terrorism this week. Jason follows the directions he receives in order to get his son back, and Hannah follows him. This is an interesting story. Leo is approached by a reporter at school, and the scene between him and his parents is great. I am glad that he isn't just being talked about this week.

Hannah discovers what is going on with Jason, and is after him. This story is the most interesting this week, and I loved the moment where Jason ignores Hannah's call and sees a picture of his son. It is a very intense, emotional moment when Jason tells Kirkman he killed Nassar.

Tom receives the results of the tests, but he doesn't open them. The scene between him and Leo when they discuss this is a strong one. Tom then has a great speech, where he talks about the elections. Hannah's story gets even more interested when she gets a mysterious text, and there is a great conversation between Leo and a secret service agent. Kirkman goes to cast his vote, and discovers that very few people are voting.

Leo doesn't look at the test, but later Tom does. People start going to the polls to vote, because Kirkman voted, which is the kind of conclusion to a story you expect from a political drama, it felt very West Wing. Kirkman has a great brief conversation with a reporter, that is also very West Wing. Then, it is revealed that the two living members of Congress are working together against Kirkman. This episode's ending was very interesting.

This is the exact type of episode I had been hoping for from the show before it premiered. The stories of this episode were all great, and the way the episode concluded was perfect.

Score: 10/10

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