Saturday Night Live Report Card: Season 42, Episode 10- Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck hosts the very boring and unfunny show also known as SNL this week. Christmas shows are usually very good, so I have very high hopes for this one.

Donald Trump Christmas Cold Open:
What a wonderful way to start the show. This was better than the last three Cold Open installments, and those weren't even bad. This sketch honestly started to lose a bit of steam once Putin showed up, but then Tillerson (JOHN GOODMAN!!! WHY ARE YOU NOT HOSTING?) showed up and things started to pick up again.
Grade: A-
Score: 9/10

Casey Affleck Christmas Monologue:
The only reason this is allowed to exist is because the treasures that are Alec Baldwin and John Goodman appear in this. That's it. It was so incredibly dull.
Grade: D-
Score: 4.5/10

Dunkin' Donuts:
This was pretty good. It was far from being the best sketch of the show, but it was fun. I enjoyed the part where Affleck (in his only notable role of the night) threw the coffee at the car. That was very funny.
Grade: B
Score: 8/10

Jingle Barack:
Damn, I'm going to miss Barack Obama. And I already miss Jay Pharoah's Obama. This was very good and very clever. I loved Vanessa Bayer's outfit in this, and it made me laugh. And if anything, this sketch shows that Chance the Rapper should have hosted the show this week and not Casey Affleck.
Grade: A
Score: 9.5/10

Robot Presentation:
F*** this. I love nothing more than godawful robot sketches and gay stereotypes. And now they're put together in this one sketch. Yay! And you bring in Fred Armisen, a national treasure, and we get THIS? This makes me really angry. Anyway, I'm off to go watch the Harkin Brothers sketch again.
Grade: F
Score: 1/10

Weekend Update:
Something felt off this week. The jokes weren't landing right or something, I don't know. After a while, everything started to get back on track. The Putin friends weren't spectacular, but they were fine.
Grade: B
Score: 8/10

Christmas Miracle:
This was the best one of these so far. By a lot. I laughed out loud so much during this, and it was just perfect in any way. This is in the running for the best non-David Pumpkins sketch of the season.
Grade: A+
Score: 11/10

Hillary Actually:
At first, I didn't know what was going on here. But once I realized it was Hillary (who I already miss so much), this was really great. The fact that this wasn't SOTN shows how much I loved Christmas Miracle. I loved that she even had the check ready.
Grade: A+
Score: 10/10

Mrs. Claus and the Elves:
This is where the show started to lose steam. This sketch was good the first time it was done, but it just lost the "OMG" factor this time. And I loved this sketch the first time. The magic is gone.
Grade: C+
Score: 7/10

New York Now:
This had its funny moments in the beginning, when they were showing the funny highlights of the "play". But the rest of it was terrible and boring.
Grade: 5/10
Score: D

Christmas Bar:
Umm... What the hell was this? I'm guessing that they wrote this, and then thought that they could just add the funny parts in later. Well, that's what it felt like, at least.
Grade: 4.5/10
Score: D-

This was a much better show than SNL has been in the (disappointing) past 3 weeks. It honestly had nothing to do with the host, because Wiig and Stone had more energy and better lines than Affleck, who was more John Cena than Tom Hanks or Ariana Grande, despite a solid episode. Kate McKinnon was so great. When this episode was good, it was GOOD. But when it was bad, oh boy was it bad.  This is probably one of the more uneven SNL episode in recent memory, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. It COULD have been consistently bad.

Grade: C+
Pass or Fail: Pass
MVP of the Week: Kate McKinnon
The "Unsung Hero" Award: Kenan Thompson
Sketch of the Night: Christmas Miracle
Worst of the Night: Robot Presentation

Top 5 Hosts of the Season:
1) Tom Hanks

2) Dave Chappelle
Margot Robbie
4) Casey Affleck
5) Lin-Manuel Miranda

Brief Recap of Other Shows:

Dave Chappelle:
This was a really good show, but not the best this year. There were a lot of memorable sketches, and I loved the David S. Pumpkins mention.
Best Sketch: Hallelujah
Worst Sketch: Football Party

Kristen Wiig:
This episode was fine. It wasn't that bad, just disappointing because Wiig was a great host last time.
Best Sketch: The Bubble
Worst Sketch: QVC Auditions

Emma Stone:
Emma Stone really tried. But this was just a mess.
Best Sketch: The Christmas Candle
Worst Sketch: Posters

John Cena:
This just add fuel to my "Athletes should not host SNL" fire. This was bad. Really bad.
Best Sketch: Through Donald's Eyes
Worst Sketch: Talent Competition (This was just a sketch about an owl crapping.)

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