Fresh Off the Boat S3E7 Review

This week Jessica has jury duty, which is sure to be exciting.

S3E7 "The Taming of the Dads"

Jessica has jury duty, which she tries to get out of, but is unable to. However, when she discovers that there is a role that is essentially a jury boss, she wants to be that. Eventually she makes the others make her the new jury boss, but she adds her own commentary onto the reading of the verdict, making it a mistrial.

Eddie doesn't get Allison a gift for their anniversary, so he has to take her to see Romeo and Juliet. However, their dads end up getting along a bit too well, which is pretty funny. As a result, Allison decides they should take a break, but Louis encourages Eddie to be spontaneous, and they get back together.

Emery and Evan get a tomagotchi, which is pretty funny. They are excited about it at first, but then they get annoyed by how much attention it needs. They end up killing it, which is pretty funny. And at the end, they hear it makes noises after they buried it.

Jessica's story was surprisingly weak,while the others had good moments.

Score: 6.5/10

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