Bull S1E8 Review

This week, Bull represents his ex-wife. This could get interesting.

S1E8 "Too Perfect"

Bull's ex-wife needs his help when a death after consuming her product is blamed on her. The team discovers something interesting when the mock jurors who admire her believe she is liable. The physical presentation becomes a larger part than usual this week, which is interesting. They discover that not having her wear makeup will be helpful. They accidentally accept a juror they didn't intend to, which I feel like happens too often in this show. What is this, the third time?

When two jurors start sleeping together, the team wants to get the mirrors of those two jurors to start sleeping together as well. When Bull's ex-wife discovers that she overlooked that she was too demanding of the people that work for her, and that she may actually be responsible for the death, it becomes a powerful moment for Bull and her. The two later stage an argument that intends to go viral, to turn the jurors.

The case gets resolved, but I didn't really like the way the episode ended, where Bull discovers the mistress is responsible for the death. As I said in my review of the pilot, I don't want this show to be one where after the client is found not guilty, Bull finds out who is guilty and brings them to justice. Bull and his ex-wife kiss, and then Bull talks to Benny about why he hired him.

This episode had some great parts, such as how appearance mattered, and the interesting love-hate feelings of the jurors.

Score: 8.5/10

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