Mom S4E8 Review

This week, Bonnie and Christy don't exactly obey the law.

S4E8 "Freckled Bananas and a Little Schwinn"

Christy and Bonnie go shopping, and after a salesperson is rude to them, Christy steals sunglasses. Jill gets gifts from her friends, none of which she likes very much, which is funny. It is hilarious when Bonnie parks in a handicap spot, and gives the excuse that she can because of Adam.

Bonnie decides she wants to contest the ticket she got in court, and claims she is protected under the first amendment. Adam finds out about Bonnie's parking incident, and is angry. Bonnie decides to use this moment to tell him about what Christy did earlier, which is funny. After Marjorie shares at a meeting, Bonnie and Christy are both inspired to right the wrongs they did.

This episode wasn't as funny as most, and it was very basic story-wise. I wish something bigger than just Marjorie sharing had inspired Bonnie and Christy to do the right thing.

Score: 6.5/10

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