The Middle S8E8 Review

This week Rita Glossner returns to The Middle! And we are in for a big surprise...

S8E8 "Trip and Fall"

It's pretty funny when Mike trips and falls. Later at home, Brick makes a comment about if Mike is walking funny, which is a funny line. Mike has to demonstrate safety when going up and down stairs, which is hilarious. Mike makes cupcakes for his co-workers, and it's funny when Brick figures out what happened with Mike, and gives him advice, which is both funny and surprisingly helpful.

Rita Glossner insists that Frankie drive her somewhere, which is really funny. There's also a funny line about taking one Cheese-It. Rita and Frankie surprisingly relate, but that doesn't last long when Rita's ankle bracelet goes off, which is hilarious. Frankie has a funny conversation with some police officers, which I really enjoyed. When Frankie learns the reason for the trip, she realizes she needs to apologize to Axl, no matter what.

Sue has been looking for Axl, and it's funny when she finds him, and she chases after him in a golf cart. It is then really funny when she climbs on him and grabs his hair to get him to talk to her. Sue explains why they need Axl for Christmas, which includes some funny things that Axl does each year. At the end, Axl reveals to Sue that he married April.

This was a great episode. All three stories were strong, and it continued the Axl story in a great way.

Score: 10/10

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