Modern Family S8E9 Review

This is actually only the forth Christmas episode of Modern Family. However, the holiday has a good track record on the show from its first three episodes.

S8E9 "Snow Ball"

Phil is hilariously excited when Jay suggests that they have a guys' night when he wants to get out of helping out at a dance, however, Phil makes him actually go through with the guys' night. Phil ends up making Jay go in the hot-tub with him, which is funny. It is hilarious when Phil gets Jay to sing with him. Phil and Jay talk about memories they have, and then Phil makes a funny joke having to do with the sweater Gloria wants him to wear.

At the dance, Claire and Gloria try to get out of more volunteering, and it's great when Claire pretends to have a fight with Gloria. Gloria has a hilarious excuse for not talking on the phone. They decide to try to set up the woman trying to get them to volunteer with the principal. However, it becomes awkward when he isn't interested.

Mitch is bitter about high school, but surprised when he discovers that it is the gay kid bullying everyone now. Cam, meanwhile, is afraid about getting pranked by the football team. Mitch's story gets funny when he shoves the kid in a locker when he is mean to him. Cam's story, however, doesn't really go anywhere interesting.

It is funny when Luke takes all the credit for the success of the dance, but then Manny discovers he spent the entire year's budget on the dance. Luke makes a hilarious lie to raise the money, which is funny. The video they make is hilarious.

I wish that Jay and Phil had gotten a story at the dance instead, so that the entire episode could take place there, but it was still entertaining. Claire and Gloria had great moments, as did Mitch. Luke and Manny were pretty funny, but Cam wasn't. This was also hardly a Christmas episode, and left out all kids except Luke and Manny.

Score: 8/10

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