Fresh Off the Boat S3E8 Review

Christmas is here again for the Huangs. This was a great holiday for the show last year, but this season has also been much weaker than last season.

S3E8 "Where Are the Giggles?"

The family decides to go to see a Christmas movie, and there is a great line about how if Denzel was in a Christmas movie. They hilariously head to the movie early to get the best seats, but their hurry ends up leaving Evan at home, which is a great reference to Home Alone. Jessica feels terrible about leaving Evan when she realizes, and decides to get this year's best toy instead of last year's to make it up to him.

Eddie tries to prove to Emery that he knows what Kwanzaa is after saying he's going to celebrate it, which is a strong storyline for Eddie. After Marvin decides to sue the Huangs, he is visited by the ghost of Christmas past, who is Emery, which is hilarious. I am loving the references to different Christmas movies. Eddie is the ghost of Kwanzaa present, and he shows Marvin how Louis feels about his suing. Jessica plays her Santa from last year when she has to replace a Santa because she caused his blindness, which is funny.

Jessica has a great line about people being racist and sexist for not liking a Chinese, female Santa. Despite resisting it, Marvin falls asleep, and Grandma Huang visits him as the ghost of Christmas future. This is hilarious, and I really liked her line about how he doesn't dream in Mandarin. Eddie and Emery's story has a funny ending, with Emery getting Eddie a children's book about Kwanzaa. Marvin drops the lawsuit, and he has a funny line about sharing the pajamas with Louis. Jessica and Evan's story has a great ending, when he says he likes her getting toys for him.

This was a surprisingly strong episode. Despite how weak season 3 has been up to this point, this episode packed in a lot of story into one episode, and provided many funny moments. This is my new favorite episode of Fresh Off the Boat.

Score: 10/10

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