Mom S4E7 Review

The group works to help Jill this week on an anniversary of a devastating event from her past.

S4E7 "Cornbread and a Cashmere Onesie"

At a meeting, Jill shares about her mother's suicide, and then Bonnie, who wasn't listening, makes the hilarious mistake of joking that she wants to kill herself. Bonnie continues to be insensitive while the group eats, which is funny. Jill starts giving away things, and then doesn't feel like getting out of bed, so Marjorie insists they go to a soup kitchen. Jill concludes that her solution is having a baby, and it's funny when Bonnie blames Marjorie for this.

Wendy is upset about getting left out of going to the soup kitchen, which is pretty funny. It is also very funny when Jill tries to pick out a sperm donor for her baby. Jill ends up winning Christy over by calling her her best friend. Christy gives Jill a great speech by telling her what it's really like being a mother, but Jill is insulted by this.

This episode had great humor and serious moments, but the first half relied too heavily on Bonnie to bring the humor.

Score: 9/10

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