Bull S1E9 Review

This week's case takes Bull back to his hometown in New Hampshire.

S1E9 "Light My Fire"

Jason visits his former cabin in New Hampshire, and it turns out the reason is that the person blamed for arson comes from a family that the town has always been against. This is the second time where Bull has visited a place from his past for a case in the only nine episodes the show has aired so far.

Bull decides to use the real estate agent as the entire mirror jury, which should be interesting, and makes sense considering the size of the town. Bull talks to the fire chief, which is a great conversation, as he tries to get files from him. Benny and Chunk get lost, though I don't find it very believable that they would go fishing right before court.

Bull ends up acting as the lawyer, which is a decision I like, because he too often has to sit on the sidelines during the biggest moments of the episode, and can't deliver the strong arguments. In court, there is a wonderful moment where something is declared irrelevant, and Bull says he hasn't gotten to explain why it's relevant yet. Bull then has a great conversation with the client to let him know he understands.

Bull talks to the firemen, because it is likely one of them started the fire. In court, the client is put on the stand. They use this opportunity to show what his life is like for him. Then, he has to learn to control his anger, which it seems like every client on this show has to learn. Bull discovers, however, that he has made the real estate agent angry.

Bull decides to turn the jury against the real estate agent to help them turn against her. It is funny when Bull tries to make his story look real in public. The plan is actually more complicated, it is revealed to the jury that they turned against her because of a story they made up. It is a great closing argument. At the end, the fire chief reveals to Bull that he found out who actually lit the fire, but Bull still doubts this, and discovers the real estate agent paid him to do it.

While I wasn't happy about the show leaving New York for a week again, this time it worked out well. It was an interesting case as well.

Score: 9/10

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