The First Three Weeks: New Network Shows Fall 2016- Part 3: The Third Episodes

Welcome to a new feature on The TV Ratings Guide. I'll be discussing the First Three Weeks of the new fall shows in these four installments, ranking them by each episode. In the fourth edition, I'll do an overview of what I saw in the first three episodes of the new shows.  I'll return with another edition for Midseason, and with another edition called Last Three Weeks, to check up on the shows (I'll obviously only include shows I continued to watch on this list). After the pilots, I stopped watching Pitch. After episode 2, I gave up on Conviction. I never watched Notorious to begin with.

Unranked: Notorious, Pitch, Conviction

#17- The Exorcist
I didn't really like episode 2 of the Exorcist, and the pilot was just okay. None of that changed with this dull episode, and I almost fell asleep. I can't really see myself sticking with this one much longer, so hopefully it can turn itself around.
Episode Grade: C-
Episode Score: 6/10

#16- MacGyver
MacGyver is not a show that I care at all about. It's mindless entertainment for a Friday night. It's fun enough, but it really isn't all that interesting. The show is fine, but the genre doesn't really allow it to be innovative or anything. The show is just... fine.
Episode Grade: C
Episode Score: 6.5/10

#15- Pure Genius
I enjoyed the pilot of Pure Genius, but then it got a bit worse in episode 2. Episode 3 wasn't all that much worse, but it still wasn't as good. The show is something I enjoy, but it's got some boring plotlines sometimes, and that just isn't very fun to watch.
Episode Grade: C+
Episode  Score: 7/10

#14- Frequency
Frequency has been disappointing. It surprisingly had a great pilot, then was a decline in episode 2, before getting boring and mediocre in episode 3. The show is starting to lose its steam, and I think it would probably be best if it stuck to 13 episodes, because the story probably won't work after that.
Episode Grade: B-
Episode Score: 7.5/10

#13- Designated Survivor
Designated Survivor has been pretty good so far. It hasn't been anything fantastic, but it's been enjoyable so far. This episode was a small step down from the previous two, but nothing I'm too worried about. This show is still intriguing, and I like the way it's going so far.
Episode Score: 8/10

#12- The Great Indoors
The Great Indoors has been mediocre so far. But this episode was the best so far. It actually had some genuinely funny moments, and I think that the cast is starting to develop some good chemistry. Hopefully it can keep it up, because it can become a pretty good show. It still has its work cut out for it, though.
Episode Grade: B
Episode Score: 8/10

#11- Timeless
Oh, Timeless. Episode 2 was so great, and now we're back to what the show was in the pilot: something that has promise and can be good, but needs to prove itself. Even if the show can't sustain the promise it showed in episode 2, it still is pretty good.
Episode Grade: B
Episode Score: 8/10

#10- Man With a Plan
Man With a Plan is a show that surprised me. Its pilot was nothing special, but wasn't as bad as some people acted. But then I started to like it, and I enjoy it a lot. It's a nice escape, honestly. I find it funny, even if it's nothing edgy.
Episode Grade: B
Episode Score: 8/10

#9- Kevin Can Wait
Kevin Can Wait is funny. There, I said it. I enjoy it a lot, and I think it's pretty decent. The younger kids' characters are definitely not developed. And I forget sometimes that Kevin has 3 kids. And it can be pretty cheesy sometimes. But those are my only real complaints about the show.
Episode Grade: B+
Episode Score: 8.5/10

#8- Bull
Bull had a slow start, but once it set everything up, I started to really enjoy it. Michael Weatherly really sells the character of Bull. He makes the show, and it would not work without him. The show's finally found itself.
Episode Grade: B+
Episode Score: 8.5/10

#7- Son of Zorn
This is one show that's slowly but surely improving. The pilot was something I was unsure about. It was good, but nothing special. It's evolved into a show I look forward to each week.  That's impressive.
Episode Grade: B+
Episode Score: 8.5/10

#6- Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon has always been a show I enjoy. It's stayed pretty steady, and I've given it the same score each week. It's always been fun, entertaining, and interesting.
Episode Grade: A-
Episode Score: 9/10

#5- Speechless
Speechless is a fun show. The whole cast is really quite good, and I'm glad. I originally was skeptical of the show when it was ordered, because I thought it would be boring. But it's not. It's really funny and a joy to watch.
Episode Grade: A-
Episode Score: 9/10

#4- American Housewife
American Housewife had a great second episode, and I gave it a 10. This week wasn't as good, but I still loved it. If only Sandy was on this episode...
Episode Grade: A-
Episode Score: 9/10

#3- No Tomorrow
No Tomorrow is now my favorite new CW show. It's been consistently good, while Frequency got a bit worse each week. I find myself always looking forward to No Tomorrow, and the stories intrigue me.
Episode Grade: A-
Episode Score: 9/10

#2- This Is Us
This Is Us is impressive as heck. It's really, really good. I thought that once the novelty of the pilot wore off, the show would be less interesting. But it's still good. And I still love it.  Episode Grade: A
Episode Score: 9.5/10

#1- The Good Place
The Good Place has always been my favorite new show. All three episodes have been excellent. This was my most anticipated new fall show, and now I see why. It's one show I can never miss each week.
Episode Grade: A+
Episode Score: 10/10

Network Averages:

#5- CBS, 7.75, Grade of B

CBS still clings to the bottom, even though I like most of their new shows. Sure, they aren't very original. And that's really the problem with the CBS shows. They're nothing we haven't seen before.

#4- Fox, 7.83, Grade of B

Fox was disappointing in week 1, then went up in week 2, and continued to go up in week 3.  Zorn was the only show to improve this week.

#3- The CW, 8.25, Grade of B

The CW dipped a good deal in week 3. Frequency fell to mediocrity, while No Tomorrow stayed solidly good. This drops them to #3, but still keeps a decent grade.

#3- ABC, 8.66, Grade of B+

After a dip in week 2, ABC is on the rise. This has all to do with my dropping Designated Survivor, and nothing to do with the 3 I stuck with getting better. Actually, American Housewife and Designated Survivor dipped a bit in episode 2.

#1- NBC, 9.16, Grade of A-

NBC still reigns supreme, with no real competition from the other networks. Despite this, even NBC dropped a bit. Timeless took a dip and went back to pilot levels, dropping the network total a bit.

Most Improvement from Episode 2: The Great Indoors
Biggest Drop in Quality from Episode 2: Timeless
Biggest Surprise: Frequency, for getting pretty mediocre after a solid start

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