Jess's Take: Unnecessary Screwed by the Network Moments

Hey folks, this is Jessica, and welcome to another installment of Jess's Take.  I noticed that there was a need to create another filler post closing out the year 2015. Often times, networks make bad calls on shows that often lead to disastrous results. The victim of network actions often suffer as a result. With credit to one of the commenters from the comment thread, here is a list of shows that were basically screwed by their respective networks from the year 2015.

Quantico: The show was originally set for one of the Tuesday slots in the original fall schedule. However, it landed on the Sunday 10pm time slot. Ratings started out strong, but slowly dropped to the levels where Revenge was. Imagine if Quantico was started in the Tuesday slot with a better lead in.

Fresh Off The Boat: This show definitely suffered a sophomore slump after being paired with The Muppets. Now, they are switching time slots. Imagine if it stayed on Wednesdays, though.

CSI: The original show of the CSI franchise got moved to Sundays at 10pm, the death slot for CBS shows. It even got its episode order cut to 18 episodes. But the screwup that happened in 2015 was to schedule CSI's two hour season finale the same time as Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary special. CBS loves to kill its finales.

2 Broke Girls: This show started in week 2 of the Thursday night lineup in a non-anchor role, while CBS decides to keep destined for a Millers-like cancelation Life in Pieces behind The Big Bang Theory despite poor retention. After airing six episodes on Wednesday, the rest of the episodes are yet to be unscheduled. Bad news is, it's a WB produced show.

Mike & Molly: The show originally was renewed for a full season order of 22 episodes, then it wasn't on the Fall 2015 schedule. Its episode order was then reduced to 13 episodes. Starting in January, CBS would air 6 episodes of Mike & Molly with the rest unscheduled. A Facebook post by cast member Rondi Reed confirms its demise. It's a bad year for a WB show on CBS.

Person of Interest: Speaking of Warner, CBS has renewed this police procedural for 13 episodes, and it has been unscheduled ever since. It's also a Warner produced show. It is unlikely that Person of Interest will be aired in a future broadcast season.

Criminal Minds: Not as screwed as the other networks, but it is still screwed for having to launch Code Black, which is considered to be a misfire. Ratings have declined behind Survivor so far this season. If ratings get lower, expect it to be moved to a different time slot.

Undateable: Ratings increased in season 2 behind The Voice. However, it was moved to Fridays with live episodes in an attempt to launch a comedy block. It was a misfire. Poor Undateable.

Grimm: Poor Grimm. Constantine flopped and it was propelled to an 8pm time slot on Friday to lead in to Dateline. Ratings declined badly.

The Blacklist: The only good time slot would be a Friday time slot. Ratings have collapsed greatly. It was given a repeat of itself as a lead in, and The Blacklist was negatively affected.

MasterChef Junior: FOX decided to move this show to Fridays. It got poor ratings. When it was on Tuesdays, ratings were much better than what they were averaging.

Bob's Burgers: As always, this show is the victim of the 7:30 time slot. Gets lower ratings, yet does really well in syndication.

Bones: Stars and producers of Bones have filed two lawsuits against FOX for unpaid royalties. Bones, as a result, has been unscheduled. What a double whammy.

The Vampire Diaries: The network has just shipped this vampire drama to the Friday graveyard, even though it has averaged around 85% of the CW scripted average. Prepare for a colossal ratings drop, unless it can manage to pull a Supernatural.

Hart of Dixie: Despite the fact that it increased its ratings in season four, the final nail in the coffin for this show was that the network has decided to renew the entire Monday-Thursday fall lineup, despite the fact that Reign and now Jane the Virgin got lower ratings.

Supernatural: The victim of a time slot change. The show moved to Wednesdays behind Arrow during midseason. Ratings have decreased after the time change. When it aired opposite The Flash, Supernatural averaged between a 0.8 and 0.9 most episodes, with the occasional 1.0. In it's first Wednesday airing after Arrow, it got a 0.65 A18-49 rating, and has reached a series low 0.6. In most episodes following Arrow, ratings are around 0.6-0.7. A new series low is likely to follow. When you're a 9pm show, unless you're lead in independent, lead in matters. 

These are the shows that have gotten screwed by the network in 2015. What do you think about this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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