Designated Survivor S1E9 Review

One week before the winter finale, things are getting more interesting on Designated Survivor.

S1E9 "The Blueprint"

Hannah's story is very interesting this week, as she tries to figure out what 11:14 PM means. It becomes even more intense when the person she's working with gets into trouble. She becomes even more suspicious of MacLeish as a result of her findings, so she wants Hookstraten to delay his confirmation. Things end up going wrong for Hannah, however, when another car hits her.

A NSA whistleblower creates problems for Kirkman, and he may have to fire Emily. However, the whistleblower helps him out after he is offered five minutes with Kirkman. This story is fairly interesting, and it gets most interesting when Kirkman receives the files he took. Kirkman discovers that there is a traitor who gave Nassar the blueprints.

I think that Kirkman's story with the whistleblower took a bit too long to get interesting, but I really enjoyed the rest of the episode.

Score: 9.5/10

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