Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S2E7 Review

This is the mid-season finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. How does this half of the season wrap up?

S2E7 "Who's the Cool Girl Josh is Dating?"

Tension is high between Rebecca and Paula at work. Josh meets his new girlfriend at a coffee shop, which is pretty funny. Rebecca and Valencia both look up Josh's Instagram, which is a hilarious scene, as Heather tries to figure out what is going on.

Heather is hilarious as the voice of reason when Rebecca and Valencia obsessively research Josh's new girlfriend. They track her down, and it is a very funny scene. They then end up hitting her cat.

Rebecca and Valencia hilariously lie about hitting the cat. Then they go to the veterinary hospital, and it is very funny when Rebecca tries to figure out information about Josh's girlfriend. Then, she talks about Josh's exes, which is very entertaining.

Rebecca and Valencia sneak into Josh's girlfriend's salon, and it is very funny when Rebecca keeps saying that they are lesbians. It is pretty funny when Paula talks about her obsession with The Wire. Paula misses Scott's performance, which is very sad.

Rebecca deletes things from the computer, and has a great line about wishing she could delete things from her life. Rebecca also has great lines about how Valencia needs to see The Wire and Breaking Bad. Rebecca and Paula both end up alone, and consider calling the other.

And now for my thoughts on the songs of the episode...

Research me Obsessively: This was a very funny song. It did a great job of showing how crazy Rebecca and Valencia are going over this. It had many great lines.

You Go First: Both Rebecca and Paula really want to reach out to the other, but want the other to go first. This was a very powerful song. I really loved it.

I feel like Rebecca and Valencia got all of the attention this week. Darryl continues to have small appearances, Paula's story was pushed to the side, and Heather just commented on things at the beginning and end, mostly beginning, of the episode. Even Josh was just in like one scene. Still, there were many funny moments in the episode.

Score: 9/10

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