Speechless S1E9 Review

This week, J.J. wants to participate in a sport, and it's sled hockey that calls to him.


Ray is determined to read his book, but he runs into problems when Dylan decides to play the saxophone, Maya has to be dramatic to find out if Kenneth has taken his CPR training, and Jimmy sends him out of the room to talk to J.J. His story is off to a funny start. Jimmy tries to find something J.J. can participate in, but has trouble with this.

Jimmy receives judgement from the rest of the family when he reveals he doesn't allow J.J. to participate in sled hockey, and this is hilarious. I especially loved Dylan's line about getting decapitated. Maya realizes that she has to be kind to Kenneth, which she has a funny conversation with Jimmy about. It is then funny when Maya is nice to Kenneth, as she goes over the top.

Kenneth intentionally gets on Maya's nerves after he discovers what she was doing. Jimmy talks about speeches people give in movies about sports in a similar speech, which is pretty funny. The family goes to J,J's game, and it is funny when Maya yells at the referee once assured he isn't disabled.

This was an especially strong episode of Speechless, the best so far. All three stories were strong and had great, memorable moments.

Score: 10/10

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