New Show Hit/Miss Winter 2017 - Superior Donuts

The second of CBS's four new winter shows in 2017 is Superior Donuts, a comedy that was re-developed after CBS decided originally to not pick it up in May.

What May Cause Superior Donuts to be a Hit?

Lead-in for premiere
CBS will end up using their big hit comedy to launch 3 of their 4 new comedies this year. On February 2nd, Superior Donuts will air its first episode after The Big Bang Theory. This huge lead-in will help the premiere rate nicely, and introduce people to the show.

Incompatible regular competition
Regularly, Superior Donuts will be airing up against The Apprentice then The Voice, The Bachelor then Dancing with the Stars, APB, and Jane the Virgin. None of these shows are comedies like Superior Donuts, so it likely won't have to worry very much about its competition.

Judd Hirsch
The show stars Judd Hirsch, who starred in the classic sitcom Taxi, for which he was nominated three times and won two additional times an Emmy Award. Since then, he has continued to stay in work, including being in the main cast of CBS drama Numbers. He could likely bring in some viewers to Superior Donuts.

What May Cause Superior Donuts to be a Miss for CBS?

Premiere against Powerless premiere
While the lead-in it has means that Superior Donuts will likely win this battle, Powerless will still likely do some damage to Superior Donuts. This means that it likely won't be able to reach its full potential audience.

Weaker lead-in
While Man with a Plan isn't a terrible lead-in, it isn't ideal either. It has averaged 1.2 in its December episodes, which isn't really the size of lead-in a new CBS comedy would be hoping for. It will lack the support that The Great Indoors, to a lesser extent Man with a Plan, and at the start Kevin Can Wait had.

Incompatibility with lead-in
In addition to this, Man with a Plan isn't a very compatible lead-in, because it is a family comedy, while Superior Donuts is a workplace comedy. It does have a workplace comedy as a lead-out with 2 Broke Girls, but Superior Donuts has two male leads, while 2 Broke Girls, as the title suggests, stars two females. So, even its lead-out isn't very compatible.

What to Expect for Superior Donuts?

I think that the weakness and incompatibility of the lead-in will really hurt this show, though the lead-in of The Big Bang Theory for the premiere could help, as could Judd Hirsch, I just don't know if those two factors will be able to overcome how much the negative factors will make the show hurt.

What factors do you think will be most in play in causing Superior Donuts to be a hit or a miss? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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