Designated Survivor Season 1 Winter Finale Review

This week has promised something big will happen.

S1E10 "The Oath"

Hannah is unconscious after her accident, but she comes to when someone tries to kill her. She runs away from the scene, and it is a great scene. Tom and Alex worry about their safety, and how they could even be safe. This is also a great scene, and more in line of what I had been hoping for from this show.

Hannah is determined to stop MacLeish from becoming VP, and she has 18 hours. She has a wonderful speech about why she needs to stop this. The problem that Kirkman seems to be running into this week is the people that died knowing things he needs to know, which is a great problem for the show to set up.

Hookstraten talks to Kirkman, and tells him about how she hasn't heard anything from Hannah. Kirkman insists that he needs to find and speak with Hannah. Hannah tries to figure out who has been contacting her, and her investigation here is definitely interesting. It gets incredibly interesting then when she discovers the former chief of staff to the president is actually still alive. She then also discovers that an assassination is being planned on Kirkman.

Kirkman makes his speech, and Hannah races to get there. They just did Hannah racing to stop something from happening at the end of the last episode, but it works that they are doing it again, since her racing to get there doesn't take as long this time, and it's more exciting to see her racing through the crowd. She fires at the shooter, and misses. Then, he fires. There is no way Kirkman is dying, but who was shot? Will whoever was shot be saved? We will find out in March.

The episode set up a nice cliffhanger ending. Hannah's story in the episode was the strongest part of it, but the rest was good too.

Score: 9/10

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