FOX Ratings Year In Review

To continue this series, let's take a look at my top 5 ratings moments for FOX in 2016. Enjoy, and
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1) New Girl Gets A Ratings Bump, Then Falls, Then Falls Some More

One of the biggest surprises this season was New Girl's spike for the beginning of its fifth season. Delayed out of respect of Zooey Deschanel's pregnancy, the season didn't premiere until January, but saw a ratings bump into the mid 1s for a few episodes. This was to be unexpected considering where its ratings had been before, as it looked to be in a constant downward spiral. However, that momentum was lost by the end of the season, and nowadays it's hitting fractional numbers in the A18-49 L+SD demo and dropping from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. A cancellation isn't completely out of the question in the same 2016 that saw its famous ratings bump.

2) Empire Starts its Decline

Empire did the unprecedented by rising in the ratings for all but one of its episodes in its 12-episode first season. It started with a 3.8 A18-49 L+SD demo rating, and finished with a 6.9. After taking a typical raw ratings decline in its second season, Empire is down 33% in raw ratings this season, hitting quite a few new series lows. Its midseason finale didn't even break a 3.0 in the demo, which while that still makes it one of the top shows on television, its trend is eerily similar to that of Glee. Which, if you recall, finished off its run on Fridays with consistently fractional ratings, not even coming close to breaking a 1.0.

3) Lucifer Establishes Itself as a Solid Performer

While many had Lucifer written out from the start, its ratings were escalated by getting the time slot after the very successful X-Files revival. And while those ratings fell significantly when The X-Files got replaced by lower-rated Gotham, their compatibility helped FOX build up a solid Monday lineup, nothing more and nothing less. Considering Gotham likely wouldn't be able to launch a show too well, Lucifer's success is important to creating a well-rounded Monday night. While not lighting the ratings world on fire, it's a night FOX doesn't have to worry about.

4) Rosewood Collapses

Now this is something people could see. When announced that poorly-received police procedural Rosewood would be airing in the time slot directly before Empire's second season, it was unclear whether or not that 8pm show would receive a boost. It did. And it showed. Rosewood completely collapsed without Empire being new, and finished off the season with a 0.8 demo rating, showing its true colors. It's been at or below that level for this season, and is currently down 53% in raw ratings. Yes, over half the audience fled, and now it's getting shipped off to Friday.

5) Animation is In

So far this season, The Simpsons is down just 1% in raw ratings from last fall, while Family Guy is down 7% and Bob's Burgers is actually up 8%, one of very few shows this season to have such an accomplishment. While the rest of the network is down double digits year-to-year in raw ratings, the trio of animated shows are simply doing remarkable. With two more animated presentations getting pilot orders, it may be surprising if these are the only three on the schedule next season.

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