The Top 3 Best Episodes of Agent Carter

Agent Carter survived following its first season, despite some low-rated episodes, but this season it looks like it suffered a different fate. It has been canceled by ABC, so I have prepared this post to celebrate the best episodes of Agent Carter, as I have decided that I will create a post about the top however many episodes of each show I watch (even the ones I don't review) when they finish, with the number of episodes I list being somewhat dependent on how many episodes there were of the show. Agent Carter aired 18 episodes over its two seasons, so I picked out 3 that stood out.

3. "Valediction" (Season 1, Episode 8)

Written by: Michelle Fazekas & Tara Butters
Directed by: Christopher Misiano

While the first season of Agent Carter started as just a show of feminism, action, and the amazing talent of Hayley Atwell, it went from there to also be a show of the difficulties of getting over the loss of a loved one, and funny moments from James D'Arcy and the recurring Dominic Cooper playing Edwin Jarvis and Howard Stark, respectively. The season finale specifically stood out due to the fact that, in the episode, Peggy has to accept that Steve Rogers (Captain America) is gone due to the situation she is put in. She was only able to convince Howard of it because she truly believed it now. Peggy is a strong woman, but she has been in denial the fact that Steve is gone the whole season. She ultimately faces the facts in order to save the day, and it also marked a huge step in her getting over him.

2.  "Better Angels" (Season 2, Episode 3)

Written by: Jose Molina
Directed by: David Platt

Season 1 talked a lot about the sexism that existed in the 1940's, and while season 2 continued that, it also brought up other issues of the time, such as racism and the fear of communism, and that was focused on in "Better Angels" probably more than other episodes of the season. Wilkes is framed as a communist, and Peggy is not happy about that. This episode also brought in the hilarious Howard Stark, and further developed the character of Whitney Frost as she discovers her new abilities with Zero Matter. This episode really got a lot of the story started for the season, and did a good job of it.

1. "A Little Song and Dance" (Season 2, Episode 9)

Written by: Story by: Michelle Fazekas & Tara Butters, Teleplay by: Chris Dingess
Directed by: Jennifer Getzinger

One of the most memorable Agent Carter moments was the fun and strange beginning to this episode, because "A Little Song and Dance" began with a little song and dance where Peggy interacted with many of the shows characters, in often very amusing ways. Peggy and Jarvis then managed to escape, and had a great conversation in the desert. A lot of crazy things happened throughout the episode, and it acted as the perfect penultimate episode of a season, especially with the ending. It was perfect story-wise in how it set up for the finale, and the great acting skills of Hayley Atwell and James D'Arcy were put on display.

What were your favorite episodes of Agent Carter? Tell me what they were and why in the comments!

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