FOX Renew/Cancel Week 21: The Cleaning Lady Will Be Fired


Predictions for 03/09/24

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Below are the Week 21 renew/cancel predictions for the Fox network in the 2023-24 television season. The numbers listed in the table mark the Nielsen rating low, average, and high for each respective program in the Adults 18-49 demographic. The "Y2Y (year-to-year) Change" column denotes how much the series has risen or fallen when compared to its average from the previous season. Because of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, there is a limited amount of scripted programming this winter. As a result, reality television will continue to be included in this column. Now that scripted programming is returning, scripted and reality will be split into two separate charts. 



The Cleaning Lady: The Cleaning Lady returned for its third season on Tuesday, March 5th, but its numbers were clearly not what they used to be. The crime drama put together a 0.20 in the Adults 18-49 demographic, a rating that serves as a new series low for the program. This result felt inevitable given the extended hiatus and loss of the 9-1-1 lead-in, but that does not make the outcome any better. As a result of this underperformance, The Cleaning Lady is Likely to be Canceled for the time being. Fox is clearly having to rely more on reality programming for sufficient Nielsen ratings, because their scripted roster just isn't delivering. This one just doesn't have enough value for them to keep it around when something like Name That Tune could do about the same or better for a lesser cost.

 Alert: Missing Persons Unit essentially falls into the same boat as The Cleaning Lady. The police procedural opened season two with a pitiful 0.18 rating, setting a new series low out the gate. This one definitely showed some signs of life when it was growing from Fantasy Island last season, but it seems any potential it might have had in winter 2023 has evaporated. Alert is Likely to be Canceled.

Animal Control: Animal Control started its second season with a modest 0.21 rating and shed about half of its Masked Singer lead-in (0.41). In comparison, its first season ended with a 0.22 rating behind a 0.41. To characterize this performance as solid would be a massive stretch, but the sitcom is clearly doing about the same as it was last season. And since Fox has already Renewed the series for a third season, they are clearly okay with this below-average delivery. 

Family Guy: Family Guy is yet another Fox show to return with a new series low this March. The animation staple was booted to Wednesdays and managed just a 0.20 rating in its time slot debut. Considering its lead-in was only a hundredth higher and it's airing in the 9:30 slot, this is a fine performance. It is certainly better than the abysmal Sunday lineup that is regularly full of 0.1s. Still, Family Guy is a series that was far more reliable in years past. This level is well below what it's used to, even on a historically-adjusted basis. 

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