Evergreen Aimee Season 3 Finale - Censure? I Don’t Even Know Her!

Evergreen Aimee Season 3 Episode 16
Censure? I Don’t Even Know Her!

Aimee is on the floor of the Senate.

Mildred: How are you voting on this bill, Aimee?

Aimee: Are you asking out of curiosity or because your party is counting on my vote?

Mildred: Well, it’d be nice to have you.

Aimee: I haven’t decided yet.

Mildred: The vote’s about to take place right now, dear.

Gwen: We don’t need to worry about Aimee, she’ll vote with us.

Aimee: Why do you assume that? Just because we’re friends doesn’t mean I’m going to vote with you.

Gwen: You’re a senator from Washington, you’re really going to vote to strike down a healthcare bill?

Aimee: I don’t know! I voted against implementing it as a member of the House two years ago!

Gwen: Seattle would behead you if you killed this bill!

Aimee: Why does it even matter? You guys are passing this through reconciliation, it only needs fifty votes.

Gwen: I’m not sure you’re aware, since you did vote to impeach him, but the President is a Republican and he will veto this. We need to put together a strong veto-proof majority.

Aimee: This wasn’t exactly planned out well if that was the goal. The Democrats sent their craziest member to pressure me into voting yes?

Gwen: We kinda just had you down as an automatic yes. We’ve been working more on the other Republican targets.

Aimee: Who are these other seven Republicans you’re going to get?

Gwen: We’re trying to keep that information to ourselves for now.

Mildred: I want you to know, I was not a part of this little confrontation. I don’t think Senator Hagelin was, either. This was Gwennie’s idea all on her own.

Gwen: And it’s worked, no?

Aimee: I’m still undecided, and that’s that. I’ll be thinking about it until my name is called to vote.

Mildred: Think of how your state would want you to vote, that’s my only advice.

Gwen: You can’t have any more of my cheesecake if you vote no. Think about that.

Aimee: Very informative, Gwen.

Mildred: Did you just bribe a senator in exchange for her vote, Gwen?

Gwen: Never!

Twenty minutes later…

Senator Eleanor Baum: Mrs. Ferrera Donahue?

Aimee doesn’t answer.

Eleanor: Mrs. Ferrera Donahue?

Aimee still doesn’t answer.

Eleanor: All right, moving on… Mrs. Fredham.

Melody: She’s a yes!

Eleanor: I’ll have to hear from the senator.

Melody: C’mon Alma, you can do it!

Alma: Where am I? What’s going one?

Melody: Just say “yes.”

Alma: What? No.

Eleanor: Mrs. Hassenfram?

Mildred: Yes!

Melody: Hey! She didn’t mean that!

Eleanor: She can change her vote when the voting roll has completed.

Melody: She’s gonna forget we’re voting by then!

Senator Maurine Jordan: She’s helping her vote, this is clearly against the rules.

Eleanor: Senator, I ask that you, and all other members, remain from speaking while a vote is in progress.

Maurine: I just think the Democratic caucus is trying to pull the wool over our eyes!

Eleanor: Senator…

Meanwhile, in the hallway…

Aimee: What’s going to happen if I vote for this bill, Gerry?

Geraldine: What do you mean?

Aimee: Are you guys going to be pissed at me if I support this bill?

Geraldine: Why would I care? I’m against it, but you have to do what’s right for you. If you support it, you do you.

Aimee: I’m not going to get blacklisted?

Geraldine: You think I’m so opposed to people getting healthcare that I’m going to derail your career over voting for it? I don’t think it’s financially responsible, but I’m not a vindictive sociopath.

Aimee: I’m so conflicted. I think it’s a good cause, but I also worry about the finances, and the optics. People are always calling me a backstabbing turncoat to our party, I don’t think they’ll take too kindly to this.

Geraldine: Honey, I was seen as a strong conservative when I first took office and now I’m some sort of moderate, because everyone just keeps gettin’ more and more extreme. You can’t let anyone else dictate what you do.

Aimee: What would Greg say?

Geraldine: He’ll get over it.

Aimee: I’m going to have to think about it.

Geraldine: Yeah, you have a little bit to decide. Just remember, you’re going to have to live with however you vote forever. People will ask you about it and make judgments either way you vote, so vote your heart, even if it’s not my heart.

Aimee: Thank you.

Fifteen minutes later…

Eleanor: If anyone would like to change their vote, or if anyone who missed the vote would like to cast their vote, please come do so.

Melody: Senator Fredham is a yes, not a no. Say, Alma?

Alma: Yes!

Eleanor: Um… good enough.

Aimee: Hello, I’d like to cast my vote. I missed the vote.

Eleanor: I’m aware. Yes or no, Aimee?

Aimee: I’m a yes.

The Democratic caucus erupts into applause.

Greg: Aimee, Aimee, Aimee…

Eleanor: Order, everyone, order!

Gwen: Let us have our fun, El!

Eleanor: This is a the US Senate, not a Patriots game!

Gwen: I’d be insulted you said the Patriots and not the Giants, but they both suck equally, so who really cares?

Eleanor: If no one else wishes to alter their vote, this vote is closed. On this bill, the ayes are sixty-seven, the nays are thirty-two, the bill passes.

Gwen: Aimee! You did it! You had a spine!

Aimee: Gwen, where did those votes come from?

Gwen: Montgomery, the Mainers and couple of others.

Aimee: You got Stowe and Campbell to vote the same way on a bill?

Gwen: We tricked them!

Aimee: I see! Always a great way to put together a stable voting coalition!

Gwen: It worked, didn’t it?

Aimee: We still have to vote to override the inevitable veto.

Gwen: We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Aimee departs the floor and heads to her office.

Denise: What did you do?

Aimee: What?

Denise: The phone’s ringing off the hook, I’m getting requests for interviews from PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and all the crazy ones, Speaker Peretti sent flowers -

Aimee: I just cast the vote twenty minutes ago.

Denise: Things move fast in this town.

Aimee: Have you answered any of the calls?

Denise: Not on the public line, just the ones on the personal line from the news organizations. Now, what happened?

Aimee: Well, I voted yes.

Denise: You did not!

Aimee: So did seven other Republicans.

Denise: No!

Aimee: Yeah, it was a shock to me as well! I’m not sure I’d have cast that vote if I knew I’d be taking the fall as THE deciding vote to hand the Democrats their biggest win ever on healthcare.

Denise: A lot of people will see you as a hero now! This is good! You might get to go on Colbert!

Aimee: I don’t think my voters watch Colbert. I don’t think my voters will see me as a hero.

Denise: You can’t win ‘em all!

Aimee: You are very unconcerned about all of this.

Denise: I’ve seen you make controversial moves in the past, it comes with the territory. My only concern is when this phone will stop ringing non-stop and finally allow me a bit of peace!

Aimee: How about unplugging it?

Denise: That’ be unprofessional.

Aimee: Let’s step out for lunch and get away from it, then.

Denise: I like that idea!

Two days later, at Cherie and Ernesto’s…

Kimmy: Aimee, I wanted to thank you for being cool for, like, the second time in your life.

Aimee: Thank you?

Kimmy: You’re welcome!

Victoria: How did you guys pull that one off?

Aimee: Pull what off?

Victoria: Getting a healthcare bill passed in this environment!

Aimee: Well, I decided on the spot. I asked Gerry, she said follow my heart… my head said it might be unwise, but my heart said I needed to do it. So I did it!

Ernesto: I think it’s great you’re willing to be a maverick. We need more people who’ll do what they think is right instead of towing the party line.

Cherie: I would’t have made that vote, but I think it’s brave of you that you did.

Aimee: I wasn’t trying to be brave, or be some maverick, it’s just something I had to do. No need to toot my horn over it.

Kimmy: Oh, that’s interesting.

Aimee: What?

Kimmy: Everyone seated?

Aimee: Yes, we’re eating dinner after all.

Dave: I just got a notification on my phone from the local news, the state Republican Party up bringing up a resolution to censure Aimee!

Kimmy: That was my news!

Cherie: You can’t be for real.

Ernesto: My Republican Party wouldn’t ever do that.

Dave: They are.

Kimmy: I told you they’re nuts! Punishing her over healthcare!

Dave: Oh, there’s more!

Victoria: Don’t tell us more.

Dave: I’m telling more.

Victoria: It’s like this 24/7 with this guy. How do I do it?

Dave: They’re also bringing up a measure to bar you from running as a Republican in Washington.

Aimee: Can they do that?

Cherie: You’re the politician, wouldn’t you know?

Kimmy: Google says it’s complicated.

Aimee: Well, I could always retire like I always wanted to!

Ernesto: And give them what they want?

Aimee: If they ban me from running, what do I do?

Kimmy: They already see you as a Democrat -

Aimee: Just like I told Gwen Gardenia ten, twenty, thirty times - never happening!

Victoria: Can you call them up and plead your case?

Aimee: I don’t think I’m really the person they want to talk to right now.

Victoria: What about Carolyn?

Aimee: What about her?

Victoria: They like her, and she likes you. Ask her for help!

Aimee: Beg Carolyn for help? And look pathetic?

Victoria: She’s your friend!

Ernesto: What does a censure really even do?

Aimee: Not really that much.

Cherie: Banning her from the ballot sure does a lot!

Aimee: We have legal routes we could take.

Victoria: Here, take this.

Aimee: What?

Victoria: I called Carolyn. You needed someone to push you to do it.

Aimee: Good lord.

Carolyn: Victoria? You there?

Victoria: Aimee wants to talk! Here ya go!

Carolyn: Aimee! What’s up?

Aimee: I’m being censured, apparently.

Carolyn: Oh, right. The Republicans in our state think you went communist.

Aimee: I’m not one!

Carolyn: I’m well aware.

Aimee: You voted against the bill, correct?

Carolyn: Obviously.

Aimee: It’s not so obvious.

Carolyn: Have you met me?

Aimee: It’s a good bill.

Carolyn: Aimee, why are you calling? And why are you on Victoria’s phone?

Aimee: Long story. I’m calling, though, to get some help. Like I said, I’m being censured by the state party, and they also want to ban me from running under the party banner. I’m not sure what you can do about that, or if they can even do that, but I do know the party loves you, and you have some pull. Could you do a friend a solid and call someone up to speak on my behalf?

Carolyn: They’re doing what? My god, they’re biting the hand that feeds them! A meaningless censure, fine, but trying to keep their ONLY statewide elected official from running again? Are they nuts?

Aimee: I think that’s been established.

Carolyn: Of course I’ll call to vouch for you. I’m sick that this is even happening.

Aimee: I can’t say I’m happy about it myself.

Carolyn: I’m calling right now. I’ll try my hardest to straighten this out, but it might be out of my hands.

Aimee: Anything helps, thank you.

Aimee hangs up.

Victoria: What’d she say?

Aimee: She’s gonna try her best to clear this up, but she can’t make any promises it’ll do any good.

Cherie I am sick about this.

Ernesto: We all are!

Kimmy: I’m kinda glad you’re finally seeing your party for what it is.

Cherie: I’m done.

Kimmy: With… Aimee?

Cherie: Get real! I mean the Republican Party!

Kimmy: Yes! I’ve waited my whole adult life to hear that!

Aimee: All three years of it!

Kimmy: Oh, shut it!

Dave: I’ve never been a Republican, for what it’s worth. Proud independent!

Cherie: I have been a Republican for… gosh, almost fifty years. They repay that devotion by punishing my daughter for doing her job and voting to represent our state as a whole? Do they really think she could get away with voting “no” in Washington? They’re a bunch of asshats!

Ernesto: You know what? I’ll join you. I’ll switch parties, too. Ernesto Ferrera… Democrat!

Cherie: I didn’t say that.

Ernesto: Independent.

Cherie: More like it. Maybe Libertarian.

Aimee: I appreciate the support, though I fear this will be used against me as well, so I can’t voice any support for it. It is your choice alone!

Cherie: I’m quite content with it.

Victoria: Wow, just like that, the only Republican in the room is the one the party is punishing. Just like that your life can change…

Two days later…

Nanette: Senator Ferrera Donahue! Did you get the flowers?

Aimee: My gosh, yes! They were lovely!

Nanette: Not as lovely as what you did! You are a blessing!

Aimee: I do my best.

Nanette: I’m sorry your party’s treating you so awful. Keep the faith.

Aimee: I will. I don’t let naysayers get me down. Now, I have a meeting to get to, but thank you again for the beautiful arrangement. I miss you!

Nanette: I miss you, too! For what it’s worth, so does Victor!

Aimee: Don’t lie!

Nanette: He does have a bit of a heart.

Aimee: I don’t believe you!

Aimee walks into her office.

Aimee: Finally, my friends!

Alec: Oh, bring it here!

Lynette: We’re here for you!

Aimee: Carolyn, what ever happened with your call?

Carolyn: They were unwilling to reconsider.

Aimee: Dammit!

Lynette: Aimee, I know the feeling. I am persona non grata among Republicans in Wyoming.

Carolyn: So, among everyone in Wyoming.

Lynette: Well, yeah.

Aimee: I guess this is the punishment for trying to represent the interests of your state.

Lynette: Well, I’m from Wyoming, so -

Alec: You tell us that as much as you tell us your dad was Vice President!

Lynette: All I’m saying is that my votes with the Democrats aren’t really in the interests of Wyoming. You’re far less selfish than I!

Aimee: Thank you for blowing smoke up my skirt.

Alec: For what it’s worth, Aimee, I’m also getting kicked out of office for not showing undying loyalty to the party, so you’re far from alone.

Lynette: Yeah, Carolyn’s the only one that’s still gonna be around after the current term!

Carolyn: In don’t know about that. No Aimee to lead the ticket, the President’s unpopular… my goose may be cooked.

Aimee: So we’re a bunch of losers!

Lynette: Always have been!

Alec: I think that’s what attracts us to one another!

Aimee: So, how did you two cope with your censures?

Lynette: I, like Taylor Swift, shook it off. It doesn’t mean anything!

Alec: I was censure by roughly six different organizations. It gets easier everytime.

Aimee: Mine’s a bit more meaningful. I won’t be allowed to run as a Republican anymore if they pass the measure!

Lynette: When’s that vote, anyway?

Carolyn: Today!

Lynette: At least they’re kind enough to not leave you in suspense.

Aimee: Yes, they are SO kind!

Lynette: I meant it sarcastically.

Carolyn: I sort of wish I could relate. I always liked being a rebel.

Lynette: Stop being a partisan hack, then!

Carolyn: Nah, that’s in my DNA.

Denise: Hey, Aimee, the Washington Republican Party board just made their decision!

Aimee: Do I want to know?

Denise: It could be worse.

Aimee: Ooh, promising!

Denise: Ten to one vote to censure, seven to four vote against banning you from the ballot, with five of those no voters citing concerns about the legality.

Aimee: I win on a technicality!

Lynette: The best way to win!

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