Sitcom Scorecard (2/15-2/25) -- Westport Bitches Be Hating, American Housewife is Here to Stay!


A shorter episode oder this season has several speculating American Housewife is kaput.  The 100th episode this week indicated otherwise as it regained an entire tenth and came within a claw's scratch of The Conners (0.61 vs 0.62).  Haters be hatin', or Westport Bitches, more appropriately.  Given the stanky situation ABC comedies experienced this season as they are well below the league average (see below), why would ABC hock this series with so many shows in shaky shape.

Elsewhere, it had come time to bid adieu to CBS' Mom, who joins the ranks of FOX' Last Man Standing and NBC's Superstore and Brooklyn 99 as 2021 declared their ending.  Sad to see happening, but perhaps better as Mom is on track to leave on top of its game both in ratings and quality.

TVRG is now tracking season to date ratings with everything but one-time events.  And sadly, none rank in the top-10 players for the season, with only inflated The Great North in the top 20 and inflated Simpsons and newbie Young Rock cracking the top 30.  The network ranks for sitcoms are also displayed with the data, indicating comedies are a mid to lower-level priority on broadcast networks. 

Fox continues to appear to be the winner, but wait a few more weeks as Football Inflation is equatable to a Westport diet pill high, bound to crash by April.  CBS appears to be on track to boast the strongest comedies, and ABC has embarrassed itself being almost an entire tenth below the current average.  NBC's windfall high could fade as fresh Tuesday entries Young Rock and Kenan rank high early in their runs.  Time will tell if NBC can retain these numbers or if FOX will slide far enough to drop the average.  After Bless The Harts displayed an embarrassing 0.26 entry, it is safe to say FOX will shed at least one tenth in upcoming weeks.

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