TVRGO April News Day

Another month is here, and so is another TVRGO news day.

TVRGO has renewed “The Height of the Mainstream Bedrooms” for a second and third season. The first season of the show that totally exists was a huge hit for The TV Ratings Guide, at points getting up to 10 views weekly.

New Series
TVRGO is ordering several spinoffs:

-Planet Z is getting a spinoff, titled Planet X
-The Finally franchise is adding a fifth installment, titled Finally Finally
-Inspired by FOX’s medical drama The Resident, we have ordered a spinoff of Let’s Get Presidential. It is titled Let’s Get Residential.
-Additionally, we have ordered Barr Exam, which is basically Bar Exam but with Roseanne Barr as a character.
-Bake Your Heart Out is getting a spinoff, Bake Your Ass Off
-Our House is getting a spinoff, Their House
-And The Book of Terri is getting a spinoff, The Book of Jerry

While the following shows have not yet received series orders, they do have pilot orders: The Bull’s Pen, and Welp, I Stopped Having Dreams. Both have about a 70% chance of being ordered to series.

What do you think of this news? Do you wish it was real? Let us know in the comment section!

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