Speechless S2E2 Review

Speechless returned for its second year last week in an episode that I thought was good, but not as good as the show usually is. This week, the DiMeo kids return to school for the second year at this school, which is a first for them.


The episode begins with Maya excited that, for the first time, they are having a first day at the same school for the second time. It's hilarious when the rest of the family doesn't understand "first second first day" and I loved when she tells Ray "You're supposed to be the smart one, pretend to get it." Maya continues to be hilarious when she discovers that she inspired other parents of special needs kids to transfer to this school, and she speaks to them. The flashback to where she took over at a panel and when she tells the parents she has thoughts on other subjects are highlights here.

Maya ends up with a dilemma, encouraging the other parents to push for more results in the district realizing that they are giving her more than they should be. After initially encouraging the parents to ask for less, she changes her mind, and becomes willing to sacrifice some things to help the other parents. In the end, however, she is able to come up with a solution, turning the staff members who don't do much into aides. It's also funny here when the principal hands out popsicles because that's how she got them there.

Jimmy is excited to have the opportunity to take an uninterrupted shower. His excitement is funny, and it is totally the type of thing I would expect from Jimmy. However, Dylan ends up ruining his plans when she keeps leaving school. Dylan gets to be really funny here, such as when she sees Jimmy and asks him what he's doing there, and when she goes to another school. It's a sincere moment when Dylan reveals why she doesn't want to go to this school, and there's an entertaining ending here, when she goes to a group of kids and says that she is willing to make friends.

J.J, Ray, and Kenneth's portion of the episode deals with Kenneth's dating life. Kenneth has a crush on the Spanish teacher, so J.J. decides to take Spanish, but after looking through his phone, J.J. and Ray discover pictures of Kenneth with girls in the hot tub. It's really funny when J.J. decides to say that he thinks Kenneth is dead to do this. In the end, Kenneth decides to stop hiding his dating life from J.J, and the line about his emotional penis is funny. The best moment in this story though comes at the end, when J.J. cries to pretend he was the one with the crush on the Spanish teacher.

Maya had many hilarious moments here. The writers really know how to write for her, and Minnie Driver does a great job. Jimmy and Dylan were also great, and their story worked very well. J.J, Ray, and Kenneth were also good, though not as strong as the other parts of the episode.

Score: 9/10

What did you think of "F-I-FIRST S-E-SECOND F-FIRST DAY"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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